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TikZ の current page と jsclasses との相性問題の解決
\ProvidesPackage{fixpageforjs}[2016/3/22, v0.01]
\ifpapersize %% for [papersize] option of jsclasses
\pgf@x=\dimexpr 1in \iftombow\else - 1truein\fi\relax
\pgf@y=\dimexpr \paperheight*\the\mag/1000 - \paperheight + \iftombow 1in \else 1truein - 1in\fi\relax
\else %% for geometry.sty
\pgf@x=\dimexpr 1in - 1truein\relax
\pgf@y=\dimexpr \paperheight - \paperheight/\the\mag*1000 - 1in + 1truein\relax
\expandafter\def\csname pgf@sh@np@current page\endcsname{%
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