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Created June 13, 2022 12:03
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<?xml version="1.0"?>
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<title>Elfeed-Org Export</title>
<outline title="elfeed">
<outline title="reddit">
<outline title="inbox" xmlUrl=";user=cyneox"/>
<outline title="listings" xmlUrl=";user=cyneox"/>
<outline title="unread messages" xmlUrl=";user=cyneox"/>
<outline title="Top posts by Month">
<outline title="emacs - monthly top posts" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="golang - monthly top posts" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="netsec - monthly top posts" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="twitter">
<outline title="Security">
<outline title="Krebs on Security" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Schneier Security" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="/r/netsec" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="portswigger daily swig" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="heise security" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Programming">
<outline title="" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Golang Weekly" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="golangnews" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="dormorsche - golang newsletter" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="/r/golang" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Emacs">
<outline title="/r/emacs" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="System Crafters/Learn Emacs" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Blockchain">
<outline title="News">
<outline title="Hackernews">
<outline title="HN Newest" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="By Points">
<outline title="HN 20 Points" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="HN 50 Points" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="HN 100 Points" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="HN >100 Comments" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Heise">
<outline title="AppSecEzine">
<outline title="AppSecEzine " xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Politics">
<outline title="LdN/Kommentare" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Blogs">
<outline title="" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title=" " xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Eli Bendersky" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Dave Cheney" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="will schenk" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Site of Diego Zamboni" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="calnewport - study hacks" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="sysdig" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="mariocarrion" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Vic Shostak (koddr)" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Learning">
<outline title="" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Scott Young" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Tech">
<outline title="soundcloud dev blog" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="netflix tech blog" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="okta developer blog" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="github engineering blog" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="slack engineering blog" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="spotify engineering blog" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="zalando engineering blog" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title=" engineering blog" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title=" engineering" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title=" security labs" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Tiddlywiki">
<outline title="/r/TiddlyWiki5" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="tw5/plugins" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="tw5/discussion" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Misc">
<outline title="Paul Graham Essays" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="nutritionfacts" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Youtube">
<outline title="Evolution of Dave" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="ARTE" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Wim Hof" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="STRG_F" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="SystemCrafters" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="LondonReal" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Podcasts">
<outline title="extra 3 HQ" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="The Tim Ferriss Show" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Zur Diskussion - Deutschlandfunk" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Update - Deutschlandfunk Nova" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="The Economist Podcasts" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Das Thema" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Was jetzt?" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="SWR2 Tandem" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="TED Talks Daily" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Wirtschaft | Deutsche Welle" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="hr-iNFO Das Interview" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Chaosradio" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Daily Good News" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="The Documentary Podcast" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="The Human Upgrade with Dave Asprey—formerly Bulletproof Radio" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Feature - Deutschlandfunk Kultur Hörspielportal" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Hoy Hablamos" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Malicious Life" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="SWR2 Wissen" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Changelog Master Feed" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="FAZ Finanzen & Immobilien" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Weltzeit - Deutschlandfunk Kultur" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Schroeder & Somuncu" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="The goop Podcast" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Talks at Google" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Der Madame Moneypenny Podcast mit Natascha Wegelin" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Vocea Natiei" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Ist das normal?" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Das Feature - Deutschlandfunk Kultur Hörspielportal" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="The InfoQ Podcast" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Editor's Picks from The Economist" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="How I Built This with Guy Raz" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Die Blaue Stunde" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="The Science Hour" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Streitkultur - Deutschlandfunk" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="WDR 5 Satire Deluxe - Ganze Sendung" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Wissenschaftsmagazin" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="hr-iNFO Wissenswert" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Logbuch:Netzpolitik" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="WDR 5 Dok 5 - das Feature" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="WDR Feature-Depot" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="TED Radio Hour" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Go Time: Golang, Software Engineering" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Thoughtworks Technology Podcast" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Lage der Nation - der Politik-Podcast aus Berlin" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Das Interview. Mit Philip Banse" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Investieren lernen - Aktien, Geldanlage, Trading, Investing, Immobilien, Vermögen, reich werden, passives Einkommen, Trading, Momentum, Value, Optionen, Börse, Anleihen, Geld anlegen, Bitcoin, Crypto, Startup, ETF, passiv Investieren, Altersvorsorge" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Software Engineering Radio - the podcast for professional software developers" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Deep Questions with Cal Newport" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Kontrovers - Deutschlandfunk" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="The Changelog: Software Development, Open Source" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Mind Architect" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Die Anstalt (VIDEO)" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Elementarfragen" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="ZEIT WISSEN - Woher weißt Du das?" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Pe Bune" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="heise Developer: SoftwareArchitekTOUR-Podcast" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="1 Thema, 2 Farben" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="OriginALL" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="SPIEGEL Live – Das Gespräch" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Die Reportage - Deutschlandfunk Kultur" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Meditation Oasis" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="NEO MAGAZIN ROYALE (VIDEO)" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Wissenschaft | Deutsche Welle" xmlUrl=""/>
<outline title="Tehnocultura" xmlUrl=""/>
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