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dosiecki / gist:3353977
Last active October 8, 2015 15:48
User Style: NewsBlur But Better
@namespace url(;
@-moz-document domain("") {
/* These user styles clean up the UI of the
otherwise awesome NewsBlur website.
Updated 16 April 2014
/* remove all text shadowing to increase readability */
Richie97 / gist:7226214
Created October 30, 2013 02:17
Pager that peeks on either side
int pagerWidth = size.x - getResources().getDimensionPixelSize(R.dimen.hero_pager_margins);
pager.setLayoutParams(new RelativeLayout.LayoutParams(Math.max(pagerWidth, 1), getResources().getDimensionPixelSize(R.dimen.hero_pager_height)));
hypevhs / gist:9bd25f0e3f2dd1780a6f078d5d76473b
Last active December 12, 2023 08:35
how to use xiv character model for vrchat

This is gonna be long and I might not finish it but here's what I got. This shit is so long that if I get it down to a science I might make a program to automate it.


We will study your character stats, use FFXIV TexTools to export the model parts, Blender to fix it up....

Collecting data

Do you have your character appearance saved? It's not essential but it's very useful to have. It's in the form of a DAT. I hope you backed it up if you created them on an old PC. I'm not sure if you can resave it from an existing character. What I did was use the Shadowbringers Benchmark. I seem to remember there was a way to import your character from the base game but I can't remember. Anyway first you'll need to copy the character DAT to the benchmark folder.