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Created August 19, 2017 13:59
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Pet the Pup Autosplitter

The script contained within this Gist provides a simple auto splitter script for Pet the Pup at the Party.

Note: This is a temporary less complex version of the autosplitter and relies purely on splitting and is not automatically downloaded by LiveSplit (yet).


  1. Download the asl file and store it anywhere on your disk
  2. Edit your LiveSplit layout
  3. Add a Scriptable Splitter module (in the control category)
  4. Double click the splitter module and specify the splitter file
state("PetThePup") {
uint Level : 0x10A5500;
uint TotalPupsPetted : "mono.dll", 0x001F8CC0, 0xF0, 0x44, 0x58C;
start {
return current.Level != 0 && current.Level != 101 && current.TotalPupsPetted == 0;
split {
return current.TotalPupsPetted != old.TotalPupsPetted && current.TotalPupsPetted != 0;
reset {
return current.Level == 0 || current.Level == 101 || old.TotalPupsPetted > current.TotalPupsPetted;
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