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Created March 23, 2022 20:26
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Verifying that Whereabouts ip-reconciler includes the -timeout flag

First, change the the openshift-multus namespace

oc project openshift-multus

Go ahead and make a modified cronjob that's based on the existing one

This edits the yaml and adds a line for a -timeout flag.

oc get cronjob ip-reconciler -o yaml | grep -vP "creationTimestamp|\- apiVersion|ownerReferences|blockOwnerDeletion|controller|kind\: Network|name\: cluster|uid\:|resourceVersion" | sed 's/name: ip-reconciler/name: test-reconciler/' | sed '/            - -log-level=verbose/a \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ - -timeout=invalid' > /tmp/reconcile.yml

Then create this additional cronjob from the generated file

oc create -f /tmp/reconcile.yml

Now, kick off an instance of this cronjob

oc create job --from=cronjob/test-reconciler -n openshift-multus testrun-ip-reconciler

Now list the testrun job

oc get pods | grep testrun

This pod should be erroring out and the error message should look like:

$ oc get pods | grep testrun
testrun-ip-reconciler-28mfg           0/1     Error     0          13s

$ oc logs testrun-ip-reconciler-28mfg
invalid value "invalid" for flag -timeout: parse error
Usage of /ip-reconciler:
  -kubeconfig string
      the path to the Kubernetes configuration file
  -log-level ip-reconciler
      the logging level for the ip-reconciler app. Valid values are: "debug", "verbose", "error", and "panic". (default "error")
  -timeout int
      the value for a request timeout in seconds. (default 30)

We want to see the error in this case. This lets us know that it's read the flag that we're looking for.

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