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Export and import GitHub labels between projects by running bash script with jq and curl. Uses GitHub REST API. Requires personal access token.
# This script uses the GitHub Labels REST API
# Provide a personal access token that can
# access the source and target repositories.
# This is how you authorize with the GitHub API.
# If you use GitHub Enterprise, change this to "https://<your_domain>/api/v3"
# The source repository whose labels to copy.
# The target repository to add or update labels.
# ---------------------------------------------------------
# Headers used in curl commands
GH_ACCEPT_HEADER="Accept: application/vnd.github.symmetra-preview+json"
GH_AUTH_HEADER="Authorization: Bearer $GH_TOKEN"
# Bash for-loop over JSON array with jq
sourceLabelsJson64=$(curl --silent -H "$GH_ACCEPT_HEADER" -H "$GH_AUTH_HEADER" ${GH_DOMAIN}/repos/${SRC_GH_USER}/${SRC_GH_REPO}/labels?per_page=100 | jq '[ .[] | { "name": .name, "color": .color, "description": .description } ]' | jq -r '.[] | @base64' )
# for each label from source repo,
# invoke github api to create or update
# the label in the target repo
for sourceLabelJson64 in $sourceLabelsJson64; do
# base64 decode the json
sourceLabelJson=$(echo ${sourceLabelJson64} | base64 --decode | jq -r '.')
# try to create the label
# POST /repos/:owner/:repo/labels { name, color, description }
createLabelResponse=$(echo $sourceLabelJson | curl --silent -X POST -d @- -H "$GH_ACCEPT_HEADER" -H "$GH_AUTH_HEADER" ${GH_DOMAIN}/repos/${TGT_GH_USER}/${TGT_GH_REPO}/labels)
# if creation failed then the response doesn't include an id and jq returns 'null'
createdLabelId=$(echo $createLabelResponse | jq -r '.id')
# if label wasn't created maybe it's because it already exists, try to update it
if [ "$createdLabelId" == "null" ]
updateLabelResponse=$(echo $sourceLabelJson | curl --silent -X PATCH -d @- -H "$GH_ACCEPT_HEADER" -H "$GH_AUTH_HEADER" ${GH_DOMAIN}/repos/${TGT_GH_USER}/${TGT_GH_REPO}/labels/$(echo $sourceLabelJson | jq -r '.name | @uri'))
echo "Update label response:\n"$updateLabelResponse"\n"
echo "Create label response:\n"$createLabelResponse"\n"
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This is a great script - thank you 😄

Would be cool to first delete any of the existing default repo labels as well!

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To work around the 100 limit I had to add &page=2 (per 100)
so for the next 100 it would be page 3, etc.

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