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Salesforce apex class that exposes the BitlyService via @InvocableMethod to be called by Process Builder. The .java extension is just for syntax highlighting, save them as .cls in your project.
public class BitlyShortenURLInvocable {
label = 'shorten'
description = 'Given case IDs then generates a bitly short url for them'
public static void shorten(List<ID> caseIds) {
// You can't invoke http callouts from Process Builder or Flow
// because the database transaction has not committed yet, you will get error:
// "System.CalloutException: You have uncommitted work pending. Please commit or rollback before calling out"
// To get around this then we'll actually make the call in a @Future method asynchronously.
shortenAsync( caseIds );
@Future(callout = true)
private static void shortenAsync(List<ID> caseIds) {
// Fetch your data and a field where you want to store the generated short url
List<Case> cases = new List<Case>([ SELECT Id, Short_URL__c FROM Case WHERE Id IN :caseIds ]);
// Service to actually call out to bitly and get a shortened url
BitlyService service = new BitlyService();
// Bitly does not support bulk url shortening
// so you must make each call individually.
// Do be aware of Bitly's rate limiting if you try
// to mass create a bunch of records in short succession
for ( Case caseObj : cases ) {
// in this trivial example, we're just creating short urls to the record itself
caseObj.Short_URL__c = service.shorten( '' + );
// update the records with their short urls
// use workflow or trigger to fire off the short url field being populated
// to then send email alerts, etc. including the short url
if ( cases.size() > 0 ) {
update cases;
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douglascayers commented Feb 13, 2016

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douglascayers commented Jan 7, 2021

Code updated to use Bitly's API v4

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