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$ curl -L | tar -xz
# create `kube-resource-report` in default project
$ kubectl label namespace kube-resource-report cert=wildcard
$ kubectl config set-context --current --namespace=kube-resource-report
$ helm upgrade \
--install \
--set "image.tag=19.12.0" \
--set "ingress.enabled=true" \
--set "ingress.hosts[0]" \
--set "ingress.hosts[0].paths[0]=/" \
--set "ingress.tls[0].hosts[0]" \
--set "ingress.tls[0].secretName=wildcard-crt" \
--set "ingress.annotations.kubernetes\.io/ingress\.class=azure/application-gateway" \
--set-string "ingress.annotations.appgw\.ingress\.kubernetes\.io/ssl-redirect=true" \
kube-resource-report \
~/tmp/kube-resource-report-19.12.0/chart/kube-resource-report || helm delete --purge kube-resource-report
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