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Packaging Docker aarch64 for Debian Stretch. (On

Deploy a server to

Type 2A - Ubuntu 17.04

ssh into it.

Install Docker. (Yes we use Docker to build Docker)

This is a old docker, but It's good for us. apt install

git clone
cd docker-ce/
git checkout 17.07

Create the Dockerfile components/packaging/deb/debian-stretch/Dockerfile.aarch64

FROM arm64v8/debian:stretch

# allow replacing httpredir or deb mirror
RUN sed -ri "s/(httpredir|deb)$APT_MIRROR/g" /etc/apt/sources.list

RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y apparmor bash-completion btrfs-tools build-essential cmake curl ca-certificates debhelper dh-apparmor dh-systemd git libapparmor-dev libdevmapper-dev libltdl-dev libseccomp-dev pkg-config vim-common libsystemd-dev gnupg dirmngr --no-install-recommends && rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*

RUN curl -fSL "${GO_VERSION}.linux-arm64.tar.gz" | tar xzC /usr/local
ENV PATH $PATH:/usr/local/go/bin:$GOPATH/bin
ENV DOCKER_BUILDTAGS apparmor pkcs11 seccomp selinux
ENV RUNC_BUILDTAGS apparmor seccomp selinux

COPY common/ /root/build-deb/debian
COPY build-deb /root/build-deb/build-deb

RUN mkdir -p /go/src/ && \
        mkdir -p /go/src/ && \
        ln -snf /engine /root/build-deb/engine && \
        ln -snf /cli /root/build-deb/cli && \
        ln -snf /root/build-deb/engine /go/src/ && \
        ln -snf /root/build-deb/cli /go/src/

ENV SUITE stretch

WORKDIR /root/build-deb

ENTRYPOINT ["/root/build-deb/build-deb"]

Let's build!

make deb DOCKER_BUILD_PKGS=debian-stretch

Get your .deb at: components/packaging/deb/debbuild/debian-stretch/

$ ls components/packaging/deb/debbuild/debian-stretch/
docker-ce_17.10.0~ce-0~debian_arm64.buildinfo  docker-ce_17.10.0~ce-0~debian_arm64.changes  docker-ce_17.10.0~ce-0~debian_arm64.deb  docker-ce_17.10.0~ce-0~debian.dsc  docker-ce_17.10.0~ce-0~debian.tar.gz

Now, let's install our brand new Docker

(I'm installing on my Rock64 board)

# Since we don't have an aarch64 package (

wget -O docker.deb

# Dependencies
apt-get install libapparmor1 libltdl7 libseccomp2

dpkg -i docker.deb
rm docker.deb

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douglasmiranda commented Nov 3, 2017

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vielmetti commented Nov 3, 2017



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chestercs commented Dec 13, 2017



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olihey commented May 5, 2018

Awesome, thanks a lot

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