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Dov Grobgeld dov

  • Rehovot, Israel
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An effort to replace ROS packages describing a robot (a directory structure with URDF, SRDF, OBJ-MTL-STL-salad) with a single GLTF 2.0 GLB file including URDF and SRDF descriptions in the "extras" field of the GLTF header.

Proposed Robot-GLTF Format

  • All geometry is put into a GLTF 2.0 .GLB file.
  • Nodes in GLTF scene description are not used, but can be defined for visualization
  • The URDF and SRDF descriptions are stored in the extras field of the GLTF header.
    • Using the extras field keeps us completely compliant with the spec.
rmuslimov / my-sticky-w.el
Created May 11, 2016
This is the way how to make some window in emacs fixed in layout
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(defun toggle-window-dedicated ()
"Control whether or not Emacs is allowed to display another
buffer in current window."
(if (let (window (get-buffer-window (current-buffer)))
(set-window-dedicated-p window (not (window-dedicated-p window))))
"%s: Can't touch this!"
"%s is up for grabs.")
Jaza / Private-pypi-howto
Last active Nov 4, 2021
Guide for how to create a (minimal) private PyPI repo, just using Apache with directory autoindex, and pip with an extra index URL.