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Created March 29, 2022 09:06
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Present continuous

  • Concrete time in the past
  • 2 simulatenous actions in past
  • action in progress, interrupted by other action in past

What were you doing at 10 p.m yesterday?

I was reading (at that time)

Yesterday at 8 p.m I was working

Last year I and Vasyl were in beer-bar. We were drinking beer, listening the music, and enjoying our joint holiday.

My clock started to sing when I was sleeping

We were walking before we felt tired

I was taking shower when the hot water gone

We were playing game and speaking in Skype all the night

имеется ввиду, что мы одновременно и играли, и болтали

Present perfect

  • Action in past, which had finished before some other moment in past

I had watched movie by 9 p.m yesterday
I had come home by 10 p.m last sunday
My mother had cooked delicious when I came home

Had I watched this film by 8 p.m yesterday?

No, I hadn`t. I had done it near midnight

Когда мы приехали на вечеринку, Том уже ушел домой.

Tome had gone home when we arrived to the party

Я не пошел в кино вчера, потому что я уже смотрел этот фильм.

I didn`t go to the cinema yesterday because I had seen it before

Мы ездили в Лондон в прошлом году. А до этого я уже был там 2 раза.

We have been to London last year. I had been here before twice

В пятницу к 5 часам вечера я уже пришел со школы и сделал все уроки.

I had come and done all the lessons by 5 p.m at Sunday

Past perfect continuous

Action which has been doing some time in the past before some time in the past

I had been learning English for 2 hours before by sister-in-law invited me to the tea

I had been working all the day, before I started to lear English

Did you see her? Why was she so dirty?

Because she had been helping parents from the morning

He looked so cool on presentation because he had been preparing to it for 2 weeks

My last vacation

So, it was last summer. My friend Dmytro has invited me to Odessa, and I have accepted. My bride also has accepted to go. We planned to go to Zatoka. We(I with bride) had been starting to prepare to it near 1 month before vacation. We

  • saved some money for it
  • prepared our dresses
  • bought special medicine
  • and, of cource booked a room

Dmytro has also invited some other people. He planned to go here with me, Vasyl, Roman and Egor. Roman couldn`t go with us. So, we have planned to go in 6 people( Dima + bride, I + bride, Vasyl, Egor).

In day X all of us have gone to the place. I with my bride went to place by train, Dima ran by car, and Vasia with Egor went by bus. It was hard journey. Near 10 hours in train. We was just sitting and looking in the window. So, some time after we started journey, we finally arrived in Odessa. We didn`t hurry to Zatoka. First of all, we went to the Mc`Donals. Then, we were sitting some time, and finally we started to find the bus to the place. We found the bus quickly. And, seems that easy journey, but no. There were big traffic jams. We had been moving for 5 minutes, before had been stopping for half an hour, and move 5 minutes more and etc. So, finally, we have arrived to place. We quickly found out hotel, and manager quickly took keys to us. That was really boring and hard day.

In the 3 or 4 morning next day Vasyl and Egor have arrived too. We met them at dinner. They was very happy, and wanted to eat sth. We went to the show. Than, we had dinner, and went rest for 2 hours, because it was dangerous between noon and 3 p.m

After rest we went to the beach. Finally, we swam in the black sea. It was exciting. After some time I was tired, and went from the sea. My bride wasn`t tired, so she kept swimming.

So, I was sitting on the dust, and no nothing, while she was swimming. It was cool.

We went to beach every day. We had some interesting events every day.

Every day we had been swimming from morning till noon. Than we went eat.

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