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python-xlib example which reacts to changing the active window
#!/usr/bin/env python3
# Based on code by Stephan Sokolow
# MIT-licensed
# Source:
"""python-xlib example which reacts to changing the active window/title.
- Python
- python-xlib
Tested with Python 2.x because my Kubuntu 14.04 doesn't come with python-xlib
for Python 3.x.
Any modern window manager that isn't horrendously broken maintains an X11
property on the root window named _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW.
Any modern application toolkit presents the window title via a property
named _NET_WM_NAME.
This listens for changes to both of them and then hides duplicate events
so it only reacts to title changes once.
Known Bugs:
- Under some circumstances, I observed that the first window creation and last
window deletion on on an empty desktop (ie. not even a taskbar/panel) would
go ignored when using this test setup:
Xephyr :3 &
DISPLAY=:3 openbox &
DISPLAY=:3 python3
# ...and then launch one or more of these in other terminals
DISPLAY=:3 leafpad
# pylint: disable=unused-import
from contextlib import contextmanager
from typing import Any, Dict, Optional, Tuple, Union # noqa
from Xlib import X
from Xlib.display import Display
from Xlib.error import XError, BadWindow
from Xlib.xobject.drawable import Window
from Xlib.protocol.rq import Event
# Connect to the X server and get the root window
disp = Display()
root = disp.screen().root
# Ignore BadWindow errors; they mean a window was closed while getting info
def ignore_BadWindow(e, rq):
if not isinstance(e, BadWindow):
# Prepare the property names we use so they can be fed into X11 APIs
NET_WM_NAME = disp.intern_atom('_NET_WM_NAME') # UTF-8
WM_NAME = disp.intern_atom('WM_NAME') # Legacy encoding
last_seen = {'xid': None, 'title': None} # type: Dict[str, Any]
def window_obj(win_id: Optional[int]) -> Window:
"""Simplify dealing with BadWindow (make it either valid or None)"""
window_obj = None
if win_id:
window_obj = disp.create_resource_object('window', win_id)
except XError:
yield window_obj
def get_active_window() -> Tuple[Optional[int], bool]:
"""Return a (window_obj, focus_has_changed) tuple for the active window."""
response = root.get_full_property(NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW,
if not response:
return None, False
win_id = response.value[0]
focus_changed = (win_id != last_seen['xid'])
if focus_changed:
with window_obj(last_seen['xid']) as old_win:
if old_win:
last_seen['xid'] = win_id
with window_obj(win_id) as new_win:
if new_win:
return win_id, focus_changed
def _get_window_name_inner(win_obj: Window) -> str:
"""Simplify dealing with _NET_WM_NAME (UTF-8) vs. WM_NAME (legacy)"""
for atom in (NET_WM_NAME, WM_NAME):
window_name = win_obj.get_full_property(atom, 0)
except UnicodeDecodeError: # Apparently a Debian distro package bug
title = "<could not decode characters>"
if window_name:
win_name = window_name.value # type: Union[str, bytes]
if isinstance(win_name, bytes):
# Apparently COMPOUND_TEXT is so arcane that this is how
# tools like xprop deal with receiving it these days
win_name = win_name.decode('latin1', 'replace')
return win_name
title = "<unnamed window>"
return "{} (XID: {})".format(title,
def get_window_name(win_id: Optional[int]) -> Tuple[Optional[str], bool]:
"""Look up the window name for a given X11 window ID"""
if not win_id:
last_seen['title'] = None
return last_seen['title'], True
title_changed = False
with window_obj(win_id) as wobj:
if wobj:
win_title = _get_window_name_inner(wobj)
except XError:
title_changed = (win_title != last_seen['title'])
last_seen['title'] = win_title
return last_seen['title'], title_changed
def handle_xevent(event: Event):
"""Handler for X events which ignores anything but focus/title change"""
if event.type != X.PropertyNotify:
changed = False
if event.atom == NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW:
if get_active_window()[1]:
get_window_name(last_seen['xid']) # Rely on the side-effects
changed = True
elif event.atom in (NET_WM_NAME, WM_NAME):
changed = changed or get_window_name(last_seen['xid'])[1]
if changed:
def handle_change(new_state: dict):
"""Replace this with whatever you want to actually do"""
title = new_state['title']
if title:
print(title, flush=True)
if __name__ == '__main__':
# Listen for _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW changes
# Prime last_seen with whatever window was active when we started this
while True: # next_event() sleeps until we get an event
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