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Adobe Flash LSO (Local Shared Objects) are like super-cookies that never expire and cannot be removed by browsers.
The Flash plugin installed in your system allows sites to write/share sensitive informations on your hard disk.
These are the simple info I currently have on how to make folders immutable on *NIX OS (Mac and Linux).
I have not been able to make immutable folders on my Windows XP VM maybe because I only use FAT32.
It seems that Windows allows you to lock files and folders on NTFS volumes only (I miss the info).
The following are the location of the folder that should be made immutable on each OS,
the necessary file-system command to achieve the locking are also listed for each OS.
"" and other non aggressive sites will continue to work with this fix.
It would be advisable to remove all the files currently present in these
folders before proceeding with the command to lock these directories.
chattr +i <foldername> (you must be root to set the immutable flag on Linux)
Mac OS:
~/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash\ Player/#SharedObjects/
~/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash\ Player/
chflags -R uchg <foldername> (you don't need to be root to set the immutable flag on Mac OS)
C:\Document\ and\ Settings\user\Application\ Data\Macromedia\Flash\ Player\#SharedObjects\
C:\Document\ and\ Settings\user\Application\ Data\Macromedia\Flash\ Player\\support\flashplayer\sys\
attr +R <foldername> (doesn't really work on FAT volumes, maybe on NTFS volumes, not tested)
I am looking forward for instructions on how to achieve the same folder immutability on Windows !
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