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Last active September 5, 2020 22:53
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* How to detect which element is the scrolling element in charge of scrolling the viewport:
* - in Quirks mode the scrolling element is the "body"
* - in Standard mode the scrolling element is the "documentElement"
* webkit based browsers always use the "body" element, disrespectful of the specifications:
* This feature detection helper allow cross-browser scroll operations on the viewport,
* it will guess which element to use in each browser both in Quirk and Standard modes.
* See how this can be used in a "smooth scroll to anchors references" example here:
* It is just a fix for possible differences between browsers versions (currently any Webkit).
* In case the Webkit bug get fixed someday, it will just work if they follow the specs. Win !
* Author: Diego Perini
* Updated: 2014/09/18
* License: MIT
function getScrollingElement() {
var d = document;
return d.documentElement.scrollHeight > d.body.scrollHeight &&
d.compatMode.indexOf('CSS1') == 0 ?
d.documentElement :
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RByers commented Apr 24, 2015

Oh, I think I see. This relies on body having some margin. In that case I think it does work. I was testing on a few pages that happened to have 'body {margin: 0};' (not an uncommon pattern) where it falls down.

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