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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Helper script for running V8 tests
use strict;
my $V8_PATH=undef; # Absolute path to your V8 folder
my $RUN_TEST="tools/";
my $ARCH_AND_MODE="x64.release";
if (!$V8_PATH || scalar(@ARGV) != 1) {
sub help
print "Usage: v8-test <path-to-test-file>\n";
# Example: v8-test test/mjsunit/es6/math-hypot.js
my $filename = $ARGV[0];
# Remove .js extension if any
$filename =~ s/(.*?)\.js/$1/;
# Remove heading to name of test if any
$filename =~ s/.*?test\/(.*?)/$1/;
print "$V8_PATH/$RUN_TEST --arch-and-mode=$ARCH_AND_MODE --no-presubmit --no-network $filename\n";
system("$V8_PATH/$RUN_TEST --arch-and-mode=$ARCH_AND_MODE --no-presubmit --no-network $filename");
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