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Created July 21, 2021 15:05
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(** User Mathematica initialization file **)
(** See for info on instaling this file **)
(** Display graphics inline in iTerm2. I don't know an easy way to test if we're running in iTerm2 without looking at the process table. **)
WriteString[$Output, "\033]1337;File=inline=1:"<>ExportString[ExportString[image,"PNG"],"Base64"]<>"\007"];
(** `ListAnimate` seems to work but `Animate` doesn't. **)
WriteString[$Output, "\033]1337;File=inline=1:"<>ExportString[ExportString[image,"GIF"],"Base64"]<>"\007"];
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dpiponi commented Jul 21, 2021

This allows Mathematica to inline images when Wolframscript is used from the iTerm2 terminal on macOS.

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