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I am working on Go stuff

David Chase dr2chase

I am working on Go stuff
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dr2chase / gogollvm3.log
Created Jul 9, 2019
Raw compilation and benchmark results, Go vs Gollvm -O3 (including stdlib)
View gogollvm3.log
This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file.
( GOPATH=/usr/local/google/home/drchase/work/bent/gopath GO111MODULE=auto go get -d -t -v )
( GOPATH=/usr/local/google/home/drchase/work/bent/gopath GO111MODULE=auto go get -d -t -v )
There was an error running 'go get', stderr = (download)
package cannot find package "" in any of:
/usr/local/google/home/drchase/work/go/src/ (from $GOROOT)
/usr/local/google/home/drchase/work/bent/gopath/src/ (from $GOPATH)
DISABLING benchmark ethereum_storage
( GOPATH=/usr/local/google/home/drchase/work/bent/gopath GO111MODULE=auto go get -d -t -v )
dr2chase /
Created Jun 28, 2017
Notes from the Golang Boston Meetup 2017-06-27 debugging meeting

Here are my notes from the Golang Boston Meetup 2017-06-27 debugging meeting, such as they are. Corrections/elaborations welcome.

Notes from debugging group. TLDR: fmt.Println is still very common; nobody in the room knew everything -- i.e., there's debugging tricks and techniques that you probably don't know; there's ever so much "upside potential" in the current tools.

Techniques mentioned:

  • fmt.Println
View Evaluation of loop rotation in layout phase.pdf
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dr2chase / ex3.bash
Created May 26, 2017
Sample script for running experiment.bash on several branches
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git change master
variant=master_2017_05_24 bash -x ./experiment.bash
git change rotate_in_layout
variant=rotate_in_layout bash -x ./experiment.bash
dr2chase / experiment.bash
Last active May 26, 2017
Script for running a number of benchmarks comparing performance of GOEXPERIMENT=preemptibleloops
View experiment.bash
# Run with environment variable "variant" set to some useful string legal in a file name.
if [[ `arch` == "ppc64le" ]] ; then
View bench2ss
# filter output of multiple benchmarking experiments into a spreadsheet-friendly form
egrep '^[[a-zA-Z/]' "$1" | egrep -v "B/s|old speed" | \
sed -e '1,$s/[^0-9]*s ±[ 0-9]*%//g' | sed -e '1,$s/(p.*)//g' | \
sed -e '1,$s?[-_.a-z/]*git-codereview: changed to branch ?,?g' | \
sed -e '1,$s/ * /,/g' | \
sed -e '1,$s/,~//g' | \
sed -e '1,$s/,[-+][0-9.]*%//g' | \
dr2chase / javabugdemo.bash
Created May 15, 2017
Shell script that unpacks and runs a Java bug. Verification does not ensure static correctness of interface types.
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echo "interface I1 { }" >
echo "interface I2 { }" >
echo "interface I3 { }" >
echo "class I1I2 implements I1, I2 { }" > I1I2.java_good
echo "class I1I2 implements I1 { }" > I1I2.java_bad
echo "class I1I3I2 implements I1, I3, I2 { }" >
cat > <<'//EOF'
class tricky {
I2 i2;
dr2chase /
Last active Oct 5, 2017
Browsable copy of golang proposal CL 35054

Proposal: Passing Go arguments and results in registers.

Author(s): David Chase

Last updated: 2017-01-10

Discussion at


View duffsteptest_bug_updated.txt
~/GoogleDrive/work/tmp/ttmp$ dlv debug
Type 'help' for list of commands.
(dlv) b
Breakpoint 1 set at 0x2058 for ./step_hide.go:12
(dlv) c
> ./step_hide.go:12 (hits goroutine(11):1 total:3) (PC: 0x2058)
> ./step_hide.go:12 (hits goroutine(7):1 total:3) (PC: 0x2058)
> ./step_hide.go:12 (hits goroutine(5):1 total:3) (PC: 0x2058)
8: var v int = 99
View dlv_step_goroutine_change.log
dlv debug
Type 'help' for list of commands.
(dlv) b step_hide.go:35
Breakpoint 1 set at 0x237c for main.main() ./step_hide.go:35
(dlv) c
> main.main() ./step_hide.go:35 (hits goroutine(1):1 total:1) (PC: 0x237c)
30: x := v
31: y := x * x
32: var z int
33: threads()
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