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Created September 30, 2016 12:55
Draft guide for hackathon participants

You've seen a Facebook page, a tweet or simply had someone tell you; and you want to join a hackathon. Great. Hackathons are an excellent place to learn more about technology, work together with a team under intense deadline pressure and maybe; just maybe win fame and fortune for yourself.

Once almost exclusively the tool of choice for open source projects that want to meet a specific feature based deadline, hackathons are now the social tool of choice for many organisations (both commercial and non-profit). Hackathons can be used as a recruiting tool; to provide publicity for a given cause or quite simply be the source of great ideas or implementations.

Win-win right? Even with all these advantages for everyone participating, hackathons require some preparation and care on both the organisers and participants parts. While a well conducted hackathon can indeed increase an organisation's exposure (both in the media as well as to new, exciting ideas); poorly arranged hackathons can negatively impact a brand a

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