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James' news items from May 2019 .NET Oxford
• GitHub Package Registry
○ Supporting Maven, RubyGems, npm, NuGet, Docker
• ML.NET 1.0 GA
• Intellicode GA
• Windows Terminal (Slide)
○ Cmder, ConEmu
• .NET Framework 4.8 Shipping
○ JIT improvements from .NET Core 2.1 backported
○ High DPI Improvements
○ .NET Core going forwards
• .NET Core 3 RC July, GA Sep, LTS in Nov
○ C# 8 only in Core 3
○ Blazor officially a “thing”
○ WinForms and WPF
○ Never going to be WebForms or WF (open source)
• .NET 5,6 and 7 have been announced (2020)
○ Yearly cadence
○ .NET 5 will unify Mono and .NET Core (driven by AOT)
• Visual Studio Container Tools Extension
○ Show local containers
○ Start/Stop
○ Search Logs
○ Show files/folders
○ Open files/folders
○ Inspect port mappings and environment variables
• WSL 2
○ Will take advantage of a full Linux kernel shipping in Windows
○ It is a VM, but highly optimised
○ Can make system calls and run Docker
• Remote Development Extensions on Insiders
○ Connect local tools to a WSL, Docker Container or SSH environment with full fidelity
• Cloud Hosted Development Environments
○ Fully managed, on-demand from within VS Code
• Visual Studio Online
○ In browser version of VS Code, carrying work spaces etc.
• Edge with Chromium available to DL.
• Azure Blockchain Service + Quorum with JP Morgan, Fully Managed Ledger
• Azure Cosmos DB Notebook Experience (Like Jupyter)
• AKS Virtual Nodes elastically provision pods in seconds
• AKS Dev Spaces
• Azure SQL Serverless
• Azure DevOps - Unified Pipelines, all YAML, CI+CD
• Azure Pipelines - better support for K8s
GitHub Enterprise + Visual Studio bundle
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