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python script to split the multiple states loader script generated by PostGIS Tiger Geocoder into separate script for each state
__author__ = 'draco'
# split all states loader script into separate scripts by states.
# replace all the "set TMPDIR=..." line with ":: ---- end state ----\nset TMPDIR=..."
# then delete the first line of ":: ---- end state ----\n"
# modify the base file path and output file folder by your case.
text_file = open("e:\\Data\\all_states.bat","r")
lines = text_file.readlines()
print len(lines)
sep = ":: ---- end state ----\n"
file_no = 1
temp = ""
for line in lines[0:]:
if line != sep:
temp += line
state_file = open("e:\\Data\\" + str(file_no).zfill(2) + ".bat", 'w')
temp = line
file_no += 1
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