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Created May 26, 2012
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Setting up tweet2voice on a Mac
# Open a Terminal window, and then one by one type the things after the $ signs below, wait for a new prompt before the next command.
$ sudo easy_install virtualenv
# Will print out some stuff, hopefully nothing that looks like an error
$ virtualenv tweet2voice
# Will print out some more stuff
$ cd tweet2voice
$ source bin/activate
# The bit before the $ will now change a bit.
$ git clone git://
# Again, some more stuff about what's going on
$ cd tweet2voice
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
# Installing stuff
$ cp
# Now, open up from TextEdit or other text editing program and put your Twitter username and password in the obvious places between the quote marks.
$ python -u matlock
# Should print one debugging line, then look like it's doing nothing until the username above says something.
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