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Docker for Developers Workshop

To best follow along in this class, you will need the following:

  • Linux, OSX 10.10.3, or Windows 10 Pro
  • Docker CE
  • Docker Compose and Docker Machine
  • Pre-downloaded Docker images
  • Your favorite text editor or IDE
  • Basic knowledge of a terminal for your OS
  • Git repo located at

Install Docker

Installation of Docker is fairly simple. Head over to, select your operating system, and follow the instructions. It is recommended to have the most up-to-date kernal for Linux, at least OSX 10.10.3 (Yosemite), or Windows 10 Pro.

Linux Installation

You might be able to use the quick setup installation at Follow the directions there to download and run the setup script.

Windows 10 Pro

Unfortunately, Docker is only supported under Hyper-V, Microsoft's native virtualization layer. You will therefore require at least Windows 10 Pro, and there is not currently a workaround for this.

Docker Toolbox

Docker does still make available Docker Toolbox, which can be usefulf or older versions of Windows and OSX. It may work, but I will be unable to directly help with some issues that arise because of it. If you cannot run Docker natively, then I would suggest installing a full Linux VM like Ubuntu and following along as if you were using Linux.

Download Docker Images

It is a fact of conferences that the wifi will fail, so I would suggest downloading the following images to use. Simply open the terminal of your choice (or Powershell, for Windows), and run the following commands:

  • docker pull php:cli
  • docker pull php:fpm
  • docker pull php:apache
  • docker pull composer/composer
  • docker pull nginx
  • docker pull mysql
  • docker pull ubuntu
  • docker pull haron/vim

We will be working a small application during the tutorial, and the images will be helpful.

Slides will be available after the workshop for reference and for those who are unable to follow along.

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