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Created January 10, 2021 01:41
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custom css for changing fonts on the website
:root {
--theme--font_sans: -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, 'Segoe UI',
Helvetica, 'Apple Color Emoji', Arial, sans-serif, 'Segoe UI Emoji',
'Segoe UI Symbol';
--theme--font_serif: Lyon-Text, Georgia, YuMincho, 'Yu Mincho',
'Hiragino Mincho ProN', 'Hiragino Mincho Pro', 'Songti TC', 'Songti SC',
SimSun, 'Nanum Myeongjo', NanumMyeongjo, Batang, serif;
--theme--font_mono: iawriter-mono, Nitti, Menlo, Courier, monospace;
--theme--font_code: SFMono-Regular, Consolas, 'Liberation Mono', Menlo,
Courier, monospace;
--theme--font_quote: var(--theme--font_sans);
--theme--font_headings: var(--theme--font_sans);
[style*='Segoe UI'] {
font-family: var(--theme--font_sans) !important;
[style*='Georgia'] {
font-family: var(--theme--font_serif) !important;
[style*='iawriter-mono'] {
font-family: var(--theme--font_mono) !important;
[style*='SFMono-Regular'] {
font-family: var(--theme--font_code) !important;
.notion-selectable.notion-quote-block div[spellcheck='true'] {
font-family: var(--theme--font_quote) !important;
[placeholder='Heading 1'],
[placeholder='Heading 2'],
[placeholder='Heading 3'] {
font-family: var(--theme--font_headings) !important;
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