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Limit Chrome from eating all the memory and CPU

I was tired of Chrome eating all my laptop resources so I decided to put some limit to it with cgroup.

As I was using Ubuntu 12.04 with support for cgroup, I installed the package cgroup-bin and add the following group to the file /etc/cgconfig.conf:

group browsers {
    cpu {
#       Set the relative share of CPU resources equal to 25%
        cpu.shares = "256";
    memory {
#       Allocate at most 1 GB of memory to tasks
        memory.limit_in_bytes = "1G";
#       Apply a soft limit of 512 MB to tasks
        memory.soft_limit_in_bytes = "768M";

Then I added one new rule to the file /etc/cgrules.conf to add any new Chrome process launched by my own user (jojeda) to the cgroup browsers:

# user:process                                          subsystems      group
jojeda:/usr/lib/chromium-browser/chromium-browser       cpu,memory      browsers

And then I restarted the cgconfig service:

$ sudo service cgconfig restart

Now all the new chromium process that I'll launch with my user jojeda will be under the cgroup browsers with its memory and cpu limits.

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