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rise-worlds / For Mac 4.2.6 unlimited
Last active Aug 6, 2020 — forked from satish-setty/
Beyond Compare 4 license for Windows, Mac, Linux
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for 4.2.4 or higher,4.2.5,4.2.6 ,it's works , this is the way which makes Always in evaluation mode 。

  1. go to the dir : /Applications/Beyond
  2. change the name BCompare to BCompare.bak
  3. touch a file name BCompare , and chmod a+u BCompare
  4. insert BCompare the content :
rm "/Users/$(whoami)/Library/Application Support/Beyond Compare/registry.dat"
"`dirname "$0"`"/BCompare.bak $@
kbeflo /
Last active Jun 29, 2020
PLDT HOME FIBR AN5506-04-FA RP2627 Advanced Settings

PLDT HOME FIBR AN5506-04-FA RP2627 Advanced Settings


Project moved to due to excessive amount of unicorns.
Gist here will not be updated anymore
Discussion here on Gist is still allowed but I strongly recommend going over to the repository or Discord chat


Typing vagrant from the command line will display a list of all available commands.

Be sure that you are in the same directory as the Vagrantfile when running these commands!

Creating a VM

  • vagrant init -- Initialize Vagrant with a Vagrantfile and ./.vagrant directory, using no specified base image. Before you can do vagrant up, you'll need to specify a base image in the Vagrantfile.
  • vagrant init <boxpath> -- Initialize Vagrant with a specific box. To find a box, go to the public Vagrant box catalog. When you find one you like, just replace it's name with boxpath. For example, vagrant init ubuntu/trusty64.

Starting a VM

  • vagrant up -- starts vagrant environment (also provisions only on the FIRST vagrant up)
huqi / trial.key
Created Apr 11, 2015
Beyond Compare 4 license for Mac
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Beyond Compare 4
Licensed to: ASIO Allsoftinone
Quantity: 1 user
Serial number: 1822-9597
License type: Pro Edition for Windows
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