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GSOC 2018 - Open Event Android - Sanyog Ghosh

GSoC 2018 - FOSSASIA - dreadpool2

This summer I worked on FOSSASIA's Open Event Android Project. Our goal was to create a generalized events App and publish it on play store which we successfully accomplished, Open Event Android can be found on playstore with the name of EventYay Attendee.

I was already contributing to Open Event Droidgen when I started working on a new project called Open Event Android, which is an app designed to show all events created by organizers and also helps users to buy tickets for the event. Users are able to view all event related details, starting from the location to the duration. Users are also able to favorite events and view them in a separate section.

Eventyay Attendee App provides features for users like:-

  • All events by the organizers can be viewed
  • Functionality to filter out events by date, time, location and event name is present.
  • Users can buy tickets and register as attendees for any event from the App.
  • All important event details such as location, date and timing of the event can be viewed.
  • Users will be able to view all the tickets bought for an event.
  • Easy check-in using QR code for Ticket
  • Users can view similar events in the App
  • Users have also the privilege to favorite events in the App


Open Event Android

Location of Event About Event
Settings Sign Up Section
Similar Events Section Attendee Details(Custom Forms)
No Internet Dialog Share Event Details
Forgot Password Feature Organizer Social Links and Logo
Tickets Under User Section Favorite Event Option
Add Event to Calendar Option No Search Results Alert

Open Event Droidgen

Main Page UI - 1 Main Page UI - 2

Contributions Overview

Community Bonding (Open Event Droidgen)

  • Completely refresh UI of the main page of app
  • Share call of speakers message directly from the app
  • Bug Fixes in the app

Phase 1 (Open Event Android)

  • Add timber to Open Event Android app
  • Use RxJava for network calls
  • Make the base UI of the app
  • Load maps according to location in the app and onclick, redirect to Google Maps
  • Store event directly in the calendar
  • View tickets of an event in the app
  • Add a signing up system in the app for users
  • Add share details functionality in the app
  • Use progress bars to show progress in the app

Phase 2 (Open Event Android)

  • Load event organizer social links
  • Show similar events in the app
  • Fix all title bugs in the app
  • Add settings section to the app
  • Add about event section in the app
  • Add favorite event option in Event Details page
  • Reload events whenever net connection is back
  • Fix UI of Event Details and add organizer logo
  • Code refactoring done

Phase 3 (Open Event Android)

  • Load event topics into database
  • Add no search results message
  • Show no internet dialogs whenever the app is devoid of net connection
  • Add forgot password feature to the app
  • Fix UI of the app
  • Store the user details on logging in from now on
  • Add custom forms to Attendee details
  • Show number of tickets bought for each type in Orders section of user
  • Fix all title issues in the app

Open Event Android

Open Event Server

Open Event General (Starter code for Open Event Android)

Open Event Droidgen

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