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How to install golang 1.11 in CentOS5
# details in:
# a patch for centos 5 build:
export GOROOT="/usr/local/go"
export PATH="$GOROOT/bin:$PATH"
mkdir /usr/local/go ~/go
curl -L | tar xf - -C /usr/local/go
cd /usr/local/go/src
curl -L | tar xf - -C ~/go
cd ~/go/src
patch -p2 <<EOF
diff --git a/src/runtime/sys_linux_amd64.s b/src/runtime/sys_linux_amd64.s
index a5db5cba23..8e945add07 100644
--- a/src/runtime/sys_linux_amd64.s
+++ b/src/runtime/sys_linux_amd64.s
@@ -41,6 +41,7 @@
#define SYS_sched_getaffinity 204
#define SYS_epoll_create 213
#define SYS_exit_group 231
+#define SYS_epoll_wait 232
#define SYS_epoll_ctl 233
#define SYS_openat 257
#define SYS_faccessat 269
@@ -664,8 +665,7 @@ TEXT runtime·epollwait(SB),NOSPLIT,$0
MOVQ ev+8(FP), SI
MOVL nev+16(FP), DX
MOVL timeout+20(FP), R10
- MOVQ $0, R8
- MOVL $SYS_epoll_pwait, AX
+ MOVL $SYS_epoll_wait, AX
MOVL AX, ret+24(FP)
../bin/go version
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