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Created January 11, 2022 14:21
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Master Elbarap was an elder, great and venerated teacher our village.

Before he departed from us, he sat with two of his students who were struggling with a difficult maths equation.

He gave them lessons and keys and analogies to use, and their understanding grew until they could understand the formulas themselves, enough to even teach it to others.

The two understood, and in their delight they thanked the elder with great glee, for now the dark clouds of confusion were gone.

The elder gave both of them a hug, smiling at them, and then swiftly fled out from the room.

Looking after him out the window, they saw beloved elder save the life of a courier carrying food and medicines for the village.

The courier was about to get crushed by a now falling tree, but beloved elder moved the courier out of the way, just in time to save the courier, and his parcels, but not himself.

The two students were utterly amazed, aghast, and filled with awe.

"Not only did he have the foresight to know a tree would fall and hit an unsuspecting traveler!"

"He also had the patience and presence of mind, to kindly guide us in our daily lessons!"

"All the while, knowing the precise time for things to come to pass!"

"Yet thinking nothing of himself, nor his own safety!"

The two students made it their life's aspiration, to share these marvels of the elder with others.

They still tell his story to this day.

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