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Alex Musayev dreikanter

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View purge_rubocop_todo.rb
require 'yaml'
data = YAML.load_file('.rubocop_todo.yml')
data.each do |cop, options|
excludes = options['Exclude']
next unless excludes
next if excludes.empty?
data[cop]['Exclude'] = do |path|

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am dreikanter on github.
  • I am dreikanter ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASDcuPip3Eglyl-q1S2l3xSMsVqRjw2h788AmWPn3FCK8Ao

To claim this, I am signing this object:

dreikanter / monads.rb
Last active Aug 19, 2019
Trying dry-monads
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# #fmap - bypass Failure object, or return Success(result)
# #bind - bypass Failure object, or return result
require 'dry/monads'
require 'dry/monads/do'
class SequenceExecutor
include Dry::Monads[:result]
# This will prepend the class with a module, bypassinf a block to #call
dreikanter /
Last active Nov 9, 2017
Bookmarklet for GitHub Issues to filter the list issues closed during last 7 days
dreikanter / 1.js
Last active Jul 6, 2017
Extending Sprockets to Bundle Custom Assets Type
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window.Templates = {
post: <h2>{{ title }}</h2> <p>{{ body }}</p>,
comment: “…”
dreikanter / gem env
Created Jun 30, 2017
Comparing Ruby env vars
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# BrightBox
RubyGems Environment:
- RUBY VERSION: 2.4.1 (2017-03-22 patchlevel 111) [x86_64-linux-gnu]
- INSTALLATION DIRECTORY: /var/lib/gems/2.4.0
- USER INSTALLATION DIRECTORY: /home/vagrant/.gem/ruby/2.4.0
- RUBY EXECUTABLE: /usr/bin/ruby2.4
- EXECUTABLE DIRECTORY: /usr/local/bin
- SPEC CACHE DIRECTORY: /home/vagrant/.gem/specs

How to UpWork

  1. Write everything. Regardless UpWork or current amount of projects. Tasks, plans, meeting notes, requirements, questions, whatever you have. No need to keep this stuff in your head.

    Specific tool does not matter. I'm using plain text files in Dropbox for work notes, email drafts, and any other texts. And A4 squared paper notebooks. I like paper because it is fast and dead simple (and because I like handwriting). But this is a matter of personal preference. Just try different options and see what will work.

    And try using some task tracker if you don't do this yet. Even for your personal notes and planning. It really helps to keep things organized, when each task has a timestamp, there is full-text search, and you may see the list of what was done today, yesterday, or this week.

    I like (super-simple way to organize lists), (minimalistic general-purpose outliner). Some of my friends like Todoist, a nice organizer with mobile client. There are gazillion of a

dreikanter /
Last active Mar 21, 2017
How to delete all "Other search engines" from Chrome


The list of "Other search engines" in Chrome settings could become bloated and unmanageable. Slow UI reaction makes it really hard to search through this list, or drop unnecessary items.


  1. Go to chrome://settings/searchEngines
  2. Open dev tools (Cmd+Shift+I or Ctrl-Shift+I)
  3. Run this (execution may take a minute):