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Connect to server from python, using websocket
#!/usr/bin/env python
# encoding: utf-8
Based heavily on:
Created by Drew Harry on 2011-11-28.
import websocket, httplib, sys, asyncore
connect to the socketio server
1. perform the HTTP handshake
2. open a websocket connection '''
def connect(server, port):
print("connecting to: %s:%d" %(server, port))
conn = httplib.HTTPConnection(server + ":" + str(port))
resp = conn.getresponse()
hskey =':')[0]
ws = websocket.WebSocket(
onopen = _onopen,
onmessage = _onmessage,
onclose = _onclose)
return ws
def _onopen():
def _onmessage(msg):
print("msg: " + str(msg))
def _onclose():
if __name__ == '__main__':
if len(sys.argv) != 3:
sys.stderr.write('usage: python <server> <port>\n')
server = sys.argv[1]
port = int(sys.argv[2])
ws = connect(server, port)
except KeyboardInterrupt:

Thanks for this!

As a note:

The httplib module has been renamed to http.client in Python 3. The 2to3 tool will automatically adapt imports when converting your sources to Python 3.

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