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SYP complaint
On Tuesday 2018-01-23 shortly before 16:24 and after emerging from the south tunnel of the Moore Street roundabout (that is adjacent to the Moore Street Electricity Substation) I espied a motor vehicle that I considered inconsiderately parked, and parked in a manner likely to endanger the public.
The vehicle was parked on the north side of Clarence Lane, close to the tunnel, and more or less opposite the pedestrian entrance to the adjacent car park.
That vehicle was a South Yorkshire Police Mobile CCTV van, registration number YN04 SNY.
Suspecting the vehicle was under the command of the police personnel I had just walked passed in the tunnel,
I returned to the tunnel and attempted to open a conversation with a person who later identified themself as
Paul Cundy, collar number 3088.
I raised my concern that the vehicle was inconsiderately parked.
Cundy, asserting that it was not, explained that cars were in fact able to pass.
I explained I was concerned that any cars that passed would have to occupy the contraflow cycle lane.
Whereupon Cundy terminates the conversation, and explains that I can make a complaint.
My complaint:
1) that your vehicle was parked: a) inconsiderately; and, b) in a way that endangers cyclists.
In particular that when the vehicle was parked no consideration was taken to the safety of cyclists using the contraflow cycle lane on Clarence Lane.
2) that I did not feel that the interaction with Cundy created a community binding spirit.
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