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Last active May 10, 2018
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Notes on Refinery

many files in S3 buckets. EG beta-gtc-media

AWS deployment instructions should say something about terraform (they do, sort of).

STACK_NAME constraint isn't correct. Hyphens seems to be allowed.

from shannan, talk to ilya about new directory scheme for S3 uploads (on 1.6.4 ?)

RNAseq for salmon pseudo-alignment, what's stopping the tool working? either tool wrappers need updating to point to GTF, or, tool launching needs to be able to describe the additional GTF parameter.

Nils articulated a goal: RNAseq from raw data to visualisation.

Each tool should also have a demo dataset, around which we can build a story.

django-docker-proxy (to connect to visualiation apps)

if there is no Investigation description, attempt to use Study descriptions. And then propagate them down to dataset.

go to dashboard by typing the /dashboard URL.

deployment: Volume type: gp2 or st1 (st1 seemed to give error due to small size)

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