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A list of charities which are registered with both the Charity Commission for England and Wales (CCEW) and the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR)
Scottish Charity Number E&W Charity Number Charity Name (E&W)
SC002327 263710 Shelter, National Campaign for Homeless People Limited
SC004252 247556 Sisters Trust
SC005117 218186 Leonard Cheshire Disability
SC008010 227812 Franciscan Missionary Sisters for Africa
SC009359 214779 The Salvation Army
SC009466 227848 Society of the Sacred Heart
SC010315 1084189 British Limbless Ex-Service Men's Association (Blesma)
SC011294 227350 The Congregation of the Holy Spirit and the Immaculate Heart of Mary (British Province)
SC024963 299106 The Central Gifts Committee of the Churches of God
SC037479 295672 Make-a-Wish Foundation UK
SC037480 1004005 Marine Conservation Society
SC037529 216032 Bloodwise
SC037536 290356 Mountains Animal Sanctuary
SC037554 258197 Parkinson's Disease Society of the United Kingdom
SC037584 268494 Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour Limited
SC037585 208217 The People's Dispensary for Sick Animals
SC037586 1091105 Meningitis Research Foundation
SC037594 1096364 Africa Inland Mission International
SC037605 216250 Barnardo's
SC037624 265464 Tearfund
SC037654 207076 Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
SC037659 209640 Royal Observer Corps Benevolent Fund
SC037673 226686 The Royal Air Forces Association - Corporate Body
SC037691 215174 The Salvation Army Social Work Trust
SC037711 203644 Cats Protection
SC037715 237005 Wec International
SC037717 216401 The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
SC037733 209131 The British Council
SC037736 209603 The Royal National Lifeboat Institution
SC037737 1013887 The Royal College of Anaesthetists
SC037738 220949 The British Red Cross Society
SC037750 1089278 General Medical Council
SC037754 251549 Elim Foursquare Gospel Alliance
SC037757 1063200 Bibles for Children
SC037767 233782 The Baptist Missionary Society
SC037769 281757 Caravanners and Campers Christian Fellowship
SC037784 212424 Rsa (The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce)
SC037786 1062746 The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education
SC037789 211015 Stroke Association
SC037790 803016 Meningitis Now
SC037794 1032606 United Kingdom Haemophilia Centre Doctors Organisation
SC037808 313013 The Marine Society and Sea Cadets
SC037810 1114641 Charity Select UK Bond Fund
SC037812 1114643 Charity Select UK Equity Fund
SC037835 284789 The Apostolic Church
SC037843 227523 Dogs Trust
SC037861 1015243 Medical Research Council Technology
SC037863 1044255 Community Bible Study International UK
SC037870 1001813 The Halo Trust
SC037871 802453 Whitesell Evangelistic Trust
SC037889 296042 The Pious Society of the Daughters of St Paul
SC037890 1030024 Association of University Administrators
SC037892 326654 Adoption UK
SC037901 1071662 Cacdp
SC037903 1090968 Chartered Institution of Wastes Management
SC037931 288493 Association for Heritage Interpretation
SC037939 1015793 CLC International (Uk)
SC037960 1108687 Crimestoppers Trust
SC037963 231060 The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy
SC037997 313007 Buttle UK
SC037998 1097271 British Safety Council
SC038016 305969 The Boys' Brigade
SC038023 226745 The General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous (Great Britain) Limited
SC038025 1011605 British Society for Paediatric Dermatology
SC038056 210760 The Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association - Forces Help
SC038057 802133 The Marchig Animal Welfare Trust
SC038067 802440 React
SC038092 1097940 Action for Children
SC038093 1045672 Emerge Poverty Free
SC038104 1017658 Breast Cancer Care
SC038105 1091035 Chartered Management Institute
SC038107 1092236 Concern Worldwide (Uk)
SC038109 1081009 The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund
SC038110 207544 Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind
SC038191 226446 Seafarers UK (King George's Fund for Sailors)
SC038199 1059879 Freedom Food Limited
SC038212 1043409 The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management
SC038254 1072490 The Duke of Edinburgh's Award
SC038262 222879 The Royal Horticultural Society
SC038263 233392 The Institution of Structural Engineers
SC038264 262771 The Logos Trust
SC038264 327973 The Logos Trust
SC038279 1085662 The Polycystic Kidney Disease Charity
SC038279 1160970 The Polycystic Kidney Disease Charity
SC038299 1057744 Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
SC038304 228494 Economic History Society
SC038305 1023552 Unison Welfare
SC038321 207318 The Douglas Haig Memorial Homes
SC038331 209174 National Art Collections Fund
SC038362 1091434 Nursing and Midwifery Council
SC038369 228636 The Royal College of Psychiatrists
SC038384 206658 World Horse Welfare
SC038415 326730 British Lung Foundation
SC038416 1038483 Sisters of the Cross and Passion
SC038422 282751 The Society of Recorder Players
SC038435 235652 The Banner of Truth Trust
SC038436 306016 The Guide Association
SC038437 306101 The Scout Association
SC038454 1091768 National Centre for Social Research
SC038484 1099148 The Navigators UK Limited
SC038492 261062 The Genetics Society
SC038493 264166 L'arche
SC038494 1095189 Peace Child International
SC038497 1066905 Care for the Family
SC038499 306137 Universities & Colleges Christian Fellowship
SC038505 209259 Variety the Children's Charity
SC038516 210504 The British Horse Society
SC038518 1002222 Community Transport Association UK
SC038528 211200 Sisters of Charity of St Paul the Apostle
SC038541 1101478 Care of Police Survivors
SC038575 1117373 Aviation Without Borders
SC038598 1024741 The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service
SC038615 1128649 Shri Ram Chandra Mission UK
SC038626 1104324 CTC Charitable Trust
SC038628 1059293 Rokpa Trust
SC038629 210252 The Institution of Civil Engineers
SC038632 1117148 Crohn's and Colitis UK
SC038647 270363 British Society for Developmental Biology
SC038649 1040756 Place2be
SC038671 1126281 Human Relief Foundation
SC038675 1152954 Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland
SC038693 206563 Arthritis Care
SC038698 211014 The Institution of Engineering and Technology
SC038722 310952 The Royal Caledonian Education Trust
SC038731 207994 Marie Curie
SC038771 313246 Miners' Welfare National Educational Fund
SC038775 1116824 Newstraid Benevolent Fund
SC038776 1097217 Christians Against Poverty
SC038803 1021586 Brathay Trust
SC038805 1078508 The Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services
SC038811 1012131 The Electrical Industries Charity Limited
SC038820 260907 The Seabird Group
SC038827 803716 Anthony Nolan
SC038828 206002 Ex-Services Mental Welfare Society
SC038849 249219 The National Federation of Music Societies
SC038850 1057437 Signpost International
SC038860 1041237 The Christian Trust
SC038863 1108335 The British Polio Fellowship
SC038864 1051659 Music in Hospitals
SC038865 1011012 Key Enterprises (1983) Ltd
SC038868 1112023 The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust
SC038884 1101313 Street League
SC038885 294344 The Woodland Trust
SC038887 1010448 Remar Association (Uk)
SC038890 803270 The Learning Through Landscapes Trust
SC038905 267902 The JFH Charitable Trust
SC038910 1112194 Pets as Therapy
SC038911 1066963 Care (Christian Action Research and Education)
SC038918 298945 Handbell Ringers of Great Britain
SC038924 1015988 Royal Voluntary Service
SC038925 224469 PSS (Uk)
SC038926 207720 The Royal National Institute for Deaf People
SC038928 1107141 JSSC
SC038932 285891 The Venture Trust
SC038951 1059559 Plantlife International-the Wild Plant Conservation Charity
SC038971 1079573 Institute of Fundraising
SC038972 800797 The Disabilities Trust
SC038979 209617 The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association
SC038995 1084220 DM Thomas Foundation for Young People
SC039001 1071212 Flora Locale
SC039008 284880 Phoenix House
SC039009 233282 Subud Britain
SC039019 283253 Talteg Limited
SC039029 327449 FFFC (The Foresters' Fund for Children)
SC039039 1022991 Lantra
SC039042 202918 Oxfam
SC039049 255465 The Civil Service Retirement Fellowship
SC039052 1018963 The Adolescent and Children's Trust
SC039054 1093950 Royal Fleet Auxiliary Association
SC039057 305962 The Army Cadet Force Association
SC039058 1062636 Breakthrough Breast Cancer
SC039062 231192 The English Province of the Order of Preachers
SC039066 1139609 Association of Charity Independent Examiners
SC039088 232822 Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen
SC039092 1169337 Theatre Versus Oppression
SC039100 1090734 Urban Expression
SC039107 1064598 Mission Aviation Fellowship UK
SC039117 313757 Voluntary Service Overseas
SC039129 285575 The Association for Real Change
SC039136 215199 The British Diabetic Association
SC039137 1073238 The Brainwave Centre Limited
SC039140 251233 Wycliffe UK Limited
SC039150 1105851 Christian Aid
SC039153 288158 The Union of the Sisters of Mercy of Great Britain
SC039155 236803 The Daughters of Charity of St Vincent De Paul
SC039165 234184 The Congregation of the Daughters of Wisdom
SC039167 1078673 Zambesi Mission
SC039167 1165004 Zambesi Mission
SC039168 206862 The Soil Association Limited
SC039169 284912 Contact a Family
SC039170 1045617 Afasic
SC039171 291222 Volunteering Matters
SC039172 1108837 Home-Start UK
SC039173 312894 Goodenough College
SC039177 268502 Dyslexia Institute Limited
SC039181 1060078 United Jewish Israel Appeal
SC039185 231323 Religious Sisters of Charity
SC039189 1146420 Abf the Soldiers' Charity
SC039191 232177 The Order of Friars Minor
SC039193 216652 The British Trust for Ornithology
SC039197 1115606 Global Alliance for Livestock Veterinary Medicines
SC039200 313219 The Certified Accountants Educational Trust
SC039205 243312 The Landmark Trust
SC039207 259483 The Leukaemia Care Society
SC039209 236586 Netherhall Educational Association
SC039220 1004774 The Christian Institute
SC039224 221605 The Gideons International in the British Isles
SC039230 1101332 UK Biobank Limited
SC039236 212479 British Association for the Advancement of Science
SC039237 1113067 Attend
SC039239 1112775 Workers' Educational Association
SC039240 1089743 The National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies
SC039244 1113753 The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings
SC039245 252892 Kidney Research UK
SC039247 326691 Wooden Spoon Society
SC039248 1074832 Street Child Africa
SC039250 264017 Microbiology Society
SC039251 1001349 Samaritan's Purse International Limited
SC039255 1095897 National Grocers Benevolent Fund
SC039256 1070003 Railway Paths Limited
SC039257 1094231 The British Allergy Foundation
SC039261 1115234 Cvqo Ltd
SC039263 326550 Sustrans Limited
SC039267 1062307 The Move Partnership
SC039268 254937 Butterfly Conservation
SC039269 1048454 Maritime Volunteer Service
SC039277 1074930 The Coalfields Regeneration Trust
SC039280 1060508 Tommy's
SC039284 208701 Action Medical Research
SC039289 207823 The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents
SC039294 233779 Salesians of Don Bosco UK
SC039297 263446 British Youth for Christ
SC039299 1114195 Genetic Alliance UK Ltd
SC039302 261009 The Conservation Volunteers
SC039304 803438 British Divers Marine Life Rescue
SC039307 246329 Carers UK
SC039309 801343 Eating Disorders Association
SC039313 1144923 The Crusaders' Union
SC039316 226227 The Royal National Institute of Blind People
SC039320 1092193 Bre Trust
SC039322 802364 Asthma UK
SC039332 1005541 Prostate Cancer UK
SC039335 1061685 Lawcare Limited
SC039336 1108380 Institute of Conservation
SC039337 275689 British Association for Adoption and Fostering
SC039338 280852 The Fostering Network
SC039339 294841 Child Poverty Action Group
SC039343 219946 Ufm Worldwide
SC039352 232098 Charitable Trusts of the Congregation of Franciscan Missionaries of the Divine Motherhood
SC039359 252041 Roman Catholic Purposes in Connection with the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer
SC039364 507478 Grimsthorpe and Drummond Castle Trust Limited
SC039370 1101204 Time Banks UK
SC039376 233137 Trust Property Held in Connection with the Little Company of Mary
SC039377 1146149 Contact the Elderly Limited
SC039383 1001327 Children in Distress
SC039405 269830 The Institute of Brewing & Distilling
SC039410 1030884 Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust
SC039411 216227 Blind Veterans UK
SC039426 225971 British Heart Foundation
SC039427 269425 The National Autistic Society
SC039440 294494 Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens
SC039445 205395 Muscular Dystrophy Group of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
SC039452 229642 The British Psychological Society
SC039461 1063036 Bangor Pentecostal Church
SC039469 1059248 Church of God - United Kingdom
SC039472 313082 The British Association for Early Childhood Education
SC039473 244108 Riding for the Disabled Association Incorporating Carriage Driving
SC039475 298900 Teen Challenge UK
SC039479 288701 Wateraid
SC039481 1103635 The North Northumberland Hospice
SC039482 1003825 Sparks Charity
SC039505 280817 Radio Lollipop (Uk) Limited
SC039512 278720 Dawliffe Hall Educational Foundation
SC039513 1053425 The Taoist Tai Chi Society of Great Britain
SC039529 1015581 The Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation
SC039530 220240 The Sons of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
SC039534 1051681 Amnesty International UK Section Charitable Trust
SC039535 1070571 U Can Do I.t. (Internet Training)
SC039536 232190 Institute of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary Immaculate Virgin
SC039550 206312 Railway Benevolent Institution
SC039553 249515 The English Province of the Institute of Franciscan Missionaries of Mary
SC039556 1015324 Creative Skillset - Sector Skills Council Limited
SC039557 802052 BBC Children in Need
SC039570 213890 The Save the Children Fund
SC039573 275119 College of Occupational Therapists Limited
SC039576 312832 The City and Guilds of London Institute
SC039578 1052076 Sue Ryder
SC039583 1103260 The British Pain Society
SC039593 1081247 WWF - UK
SC039632 1000340 Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture
SC039635 1002459 The Engineering Development Trust
SC039645 1123973 Omf International (Uk)
SC039650 302606 Hertfordshire County Scout Council
SC039654 1084958 Debra
SC039659 1083039 The Lin Berwick Trust
SC039661 214379 The Institution of Chemical Engineers
SC039664 313153 The Inspiring Futures Foundation
SC039669 212799 Merchant Navy Welfare Board
SC039671 519996 Community Integrated Care
SC039681 1101255 Stonewall Equality Limited
SC039682 1051610 Lupus UK
SC039683 299123 Action Against Medical Accidents
SC039684 1090136 Retail Trust
SC039685 295790 Dunard Fund
SC039692 1107713 Opportunity International United Kingdom
SC039693 248226 The Institute of Leadership and Management
SC039694 275261 The Royal College of Midwives Trust
SC039700 1016968 Young Minds Trust
SC039703 1007856 Child Brain Injury Trust
SC039703 1113326 Child Brain Injury Trust
SC039704 1058197 Medicinema
SC039714 801130 The Mental Health Foundation
SC039715 213251 Lepra
SC039718 238748 Dame Agnes Weston's Royal Sailors' Rests
SC039719 1087471 National Association for Gallery Education
SC039721 1134859 The National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society
SC039725 1011222 Changing Faces
SC039730 326568 Charity Projects
SC039731 1105703 Cancer Recovery Foundation UK
SC039732 288260 The Haemophilia Society
SC039737 1087794 Citizens Online
SC039743 1053055 Mercy Ships - U.K Ltd
SC039755 1102712 National Osteoporosis Society
SC039757 1062559 Teenage Cancer Trust
SC039772 1016972 The Royal Collection Trust
SC039790 1076829 The Miscarriage Association
SC039791 1148195 Woodcraft Folk
SC039799 1093577 The Ramblers' Association
SC039804 1048167 Coeliac UK
SC039805 1086375 Commonwealth Youth Exchange Council
SC039808 1108448 Living Streets (The Pedestrians Association)
SC039825 1121817 British Journal of Anaesthesia
SC039828 1092960 Dogs for Good
SC039842 297877 Ben - Motor and Allied Trades Benevolent Fund
SC039844 279072 The Focolare Trust
SC039845 1042760 The Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health
SC039848 1125537 People's Health Trust
SC039856 287785 The Shaw Trust Limited
SC039857 1107328 Clic Sargent Cancer Care for Children
SC039861 1079327 Change, Grow, Live
SC039862 1077041 The Wild Trout Trust
SC039864 800066 International Institute for Environment and Development
SC039866 1067673 Abilitynet
SC039870 313364 Field Studies Council
SC039877 222595 The Chartered Certified Accountants' Benevolent Fund
SC039886 257414 The Psoriasis Association
SC039888 1013025 The Lucy Faithfull Foundation
SC039897 1040907 National Association for Bikers with a Disability
SC039907 261017 Macmillan Cancer Support
SC039913 251395 The Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches Limited
SC039929 1142082 Infosound
SC039933 296769 The Beshara Trust
SC039945 211305 The Grail Foundation of Great Britain
SC039948 225874 Christadelphian Care Homes
SC039950 313115 The Fellowship of the School of Economic Science
SC039986 288527 The Terrence Higgins Trust
SC039988 327056 The Fieldfare Trust Limited
SC039990 257376 The Electrical Safety Council
SC039992 1025852 Headway - the Brain Injury Association
SC040004 1092293 Buglife the Invertebrate Conservation Trust
SC040008 311098 Worldwide Church of God
SC040009 1001957 Addaction
SC040013 1058032 Transport Benevolent Fund
SC040023 1047653 Raleigh International Trust
SC040037 1121569 Northern English Springer Spaniel Rescue
SC040038 1132448 Get Hooked on Fishing
SC040047 328185 The Dean Clough Foundation
SC040049 287546 The Sir David Cardwell Memorial Prize
SC040050 205913 Action for Blind People
SC040052 1039236 The Intensive Care Society
SC040058 1125556 Haig Housing Trust
SC040060 1139516 Faculty of Occupational Medicine
SC040061 251681 The British Nutrition Foundation
SC040092 293851 The Institute of Physics
SC040093 272715 The Energy, Petroleum, Mineral and Natural Resources Law and Policy Education Trust
SC040094 1082947 Crisis UK
SC040096 1093387 Fire Fighters Charity
SC040111 1168037 The Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches
SC040111 263354 The Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches
SC040116 1012361 The Bat Conservation Trust
SC040117 1088475 Hospice of Hope Romania Limited
SC040118 1107724 Rock UK Adventure Centres Limited
SC040119 276346 Barnabas Trust Limited
SC040123 295716 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Limited
SC040124 1103567 The Association of British Members of the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta
SC040127 1126290 Aapg - Europe
SC040130 264209 The Nautical Archaeology Society
SC040134 236629 National Federation of the Blind of the United Kingdom
SC040136 1014274 Chernobyl Children's Lifeline
SC040142 234239 The Embroiderers' Guild
SC040148 1099163 One Spirit Interfaith Foundation
SC040154 224392 Blue Cross
SC040180 1155156 Gardeners' Royal Benevolent Society
SC040196 1079049 Cystic Fibrosis Trust
SC040231 1014705 Whale and Dolphin Conservation
SC040254 1096429 NPTC
SC040260 273365 British Society of Paediatric Dentistry
SC040273 1116965 The Hans Gal Society
SC040299 800072 The Cranfield Trust
SC040324 244067 The Chartered Institute of Housing
SC040341 1128090 The Outward Bound Trust
SC040343 235080 Child Evangelism Fellowship of Britain
SC040356 1114724 National Youthbike
SC040357 306070 National Playing Fields Association
SC040430 223106 The Royal College of General Practitioners
SC040456 280577 Release International
SC040457 226226 The Church Army
SC040468 280942 The Institute of Group Analysis
SC040486 293358 Hearing Dogs for Deaf People
SC040490 230165 Society of Jesus Trust of 1929 for Roman Catholic Purposes
SC040506 1045411 The Springboard Charity
SC040507 228906 The Congregation of the Sisters of Nazareth Charitable Trust
SC040511 282264 Broadcasting Support Services
SC040512 269971 Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (Uk)
SC040536 1080953 Country Holidays for Inner City Kids
SC040556 1099804 Students for Kids International Projects
SC040576 212325 The Evangelical Alliance
SC040577 1072216 The Back-Up Trust
SC040578 1004490 Churches Child Protection Advisory Service
SC040604 219432 Samaritans
SC040607 1102391 Ataxia UK
SC040610 1078275 National Day Nurseries Association
SC040616 1038253 Step Together Volunteering
SC040665 1132642 The Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment
SC040673 297359 Deeper Christian Life Ministry
SC040697 293575 Aagbi Foundation
SC040699 287106 The Uphill Ski Club of Great Britain
SC040700 278212 Crohn's in Childhood Research Association
SC040701 1044071 British Union Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists
SC040713 1116971 Show Racism the Red Card
SC040717 802047 Ronald Mcdonald House Charities (Uk)
SC040728 1111436 Community Money Advice Ltd
SC040748 1097984 Aid to the Church in Need (United Kingdom)
SC040750 1125949 Royal Society for Public Health
SC040753 1109103 Missionary Sisters of St Columban Charitable Trust
SC040779 1016532 The National Deaf Children's Society
SC040784 1102759 Tomorrow's People Trust Limited
SC040796 1128983 Border Collie Rescue
SC040810 1053866 The Family Fund Trust for Families with Severely Disabled Children
SC040873 1136896 The Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation
SC040905 702632 Autism Initiatives (Uk)
SC040914 1071038 Bowel Cancer UK
SC040944 1060571 Prospects for People with Learning Disabilities
SC040964 1122475 Healthy Planet Foundation
SC040972 1126044 Reuseful UK
SC040987 207812 Elizabeth Finn Care
SC040988 1008196 Operation Mobilisation
SC040990 221026 Environmental Protection UK
SC041012 1143472 The Society for Mucopolysaccharide Diseases
SC041022 1088631 Migrant Helpline
SC041034 1108160 The Cleft Lip and Palate Association
SC041036 1130309 Read for Good
SC041077 1129693 The Moira Fund
SC041079 222377 Royal Mencap Society
SC041100 1125467 Alpha 1 Awareness UK
SC041101 1058162 Christian Blind Mission (United Kingdom) Limited
SC041102 294884 National Playbus Association
SC041110 1093927 The Institute for Philanthropy
SC041111 1044539 BCM International UK (Anchor) Trust
SC041112 1014851 Hospice UK
SC041123 1156877 Airfields of Britain Conservation Trust
SC041152 1072376 Leap Confronting Conflict
SC041156 207711 Arthritis Research UK
SC041161 1139570 The Firefighters Memorial Trust
SC041191 273724 Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists
SC041198 1079675 The Prince's Trust
SC041199 1037087 The PSP Association
SC041201 249002 The Institute of Advanced Motorists Limited
SC041205 1122836 Kenya Aid Foundation
SC041209 285174 The British Thoracic Society
SC041236 1133542 Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust
SC041240 267917 The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
SC041242 209780 Seventh-Day Adventist Association Limited
SC041252 1123975 The Church of Pentecost - UK
SC041260 1026148 Global Action Plan
SC041285 1099748 Vineyard Churches UK and Ireland
SC041298 275666 Scottish Terrier Emergency Care Scheme
SC041314 1108428 Saint John of God Hospitaller Services
SC041327 1083036 Ucare Foundation
SC041329 1128355 Life 2009
SC041397 1098815 Survivors of Bereavement By Suicide
SC041398 1132982 Giveall2charity
SC041453 1160148 Edith Cavell Fund for Nurses
SC041453 210571 Edith Cavell Fund for Nurses
SC041475 1091657 Global Charities
SC041481 1015286 Results Education
SC041488 1111147 Moto in the Community
SC041548 803000 Council of Professors and Heads of Computing
SC041550 274681 International Glaucoma Association Limited
SC041571 215011 Sacred Heart Fathers Trust
SC041582 1078287 British Wireless for the Blind Fund
SC041584 1123285 Salmon & Trout Conservation UK
SC041592 801395 The National Childbirth Trust
SC041594 213280 Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
SC041623 278837 Reach Volunteering
SC041628 207495 The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
SC041634 1134422 Coolam
SC041666 1089464 Cancer Research UK
SC041673 250851 National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the United Kingdom
SC041695 1116699 Permaculture Association (Britain)
SC041697 1118493 Wilderness Foundation UK
SC041699 1148746 Mashed Youth Project
SC041701 1001307 The Haemochromatosis Society
SC041706 1070646 Students Supporting Street Kids
SC041714 261898 The Spiritualists' National Union
SC041720 271323 Christian Witness to Israel
SC041725 280795 The Chartered Institute of Building
SC041728 1128534 Read Projects
SC041744 1135750 The Photographic Angle
SC041763 1141827 Megan Baker House Ltd
SC041793 205533 Nuffield Health
SC041812 1124950 Solomon Academic Trust
SC041828 1128167 The Hidradenitis Suppurativa Trust
SC041832 258322 Royal Engineers Association
SC041837 801790 Floris Books Trust Limited
SC041854 1093372 The Froglife Trust
SC041856 313024 The Museums Association
SC041867 272505 The College of Radiographers
SC041892 1128516 Sylva Foundation
SC041893 1134423 Foodcycle
SC041898 1117794 The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity
SC041904 248421 The Communications and Public Service Lifeboat Fund
SC041916 1117288 Diana Award
SC041918 1096598 Photovoice
SC041919 270157 Maharishi Foundation
SC041935 268555 The Society of Occupational Medicine
SC041941 1104287 Microloan Foundation
SC041945 1061593 The Institute of Historic Building Conservation
SC041947 1126863 British Universities and Colleges Sport Limited
SC041956 1136870 The Civil Service Benevolent Fund
SC041971 287815 The Council for British Archaeology
SC041973 1112749 Relief Education Development International
SC041976 1017255 Homeless International
SC041981 1137948 Movember Europe
SC041990 1139257 Multiple Sclerosis Society
SC041991 1115370 Patanjali Yog Peeth (Uk) Trust
SC041994 1114463 Healthcare Financial Management Association
SC041999 1165603 Feed the Minds
SC041999 291333 Feed the Minds
SC042015 1001198 The Macular Disease Society
SC042020 328158 Islamic Relief Worldwide
SC042026 1113079 Sky Watch Civil Air Patrol
SC042089 1051607 Blind Children UK
SC042096 1117538 Brain Tumour UK
SC042127 1062595 The Dystonia Society
SC042130 1136377 3space
SC042131 299081 Ahmadiyya Muslim Association United Kingdom
SC042132 703015 Brook Young People
SC042140 298858 British Liver Trust
SC042147 1089276 A Rocha UK
SC042165 1105974 Creative and Cultural Industries Limited
SC042186 1044624 YMCA George Williams Company
SC042204 1137594 Soldiers Off the Street
SC042234 1126808 Al-Khair Foundation
SC042256 803533 Limbless Association
SC042263 284718 British Crystallographic Association
SC042278 1095967 Thyroid Eye Disease Charitable Trust
SC042291 210794 Clarity - Employment for Blind People
SC042293 291852 British Society for Medical Mycology
SC042331 1123553 Breakthrough Generation for Christ (Ancf)
SC042339 1015668 Surf Life Saving Great Britain
SC042351 283945 The British Institute of Innkeeping
SC042366 268448 The Onaway Trust
SC042374 1113666 Nazareth Care Charitable Trust
SC042405 208215 The Newspaper Press Fund
SC042409 1031687 British Deaf Association
SC042413 1073831 One20
SC042427 1151442 Huskies in Need
SC042473 313123 The Association for Science Education
SC042474 1077089 Alzheimer's Research UK
SC042491 1080011 Acorn Christian Foundation
SC042499 250275 The United Kingdom Islamic Mission
SC042501 1133080 Save Babies Through Screening Foundation UK
SC042541 1147607 Cyclists' Touring Club
SC042550 1131305 Acts 435
SC042607 802872 The Movement for Non-Mobile Children (Whizz-Kidz)
SC042611 1149254 Tree of Hope
SC042630 287786 Wessex Archaeology Limited
SC042655 1141494 Blessed Generation
SC042679 1128027 Buttercup Children's Trust
SC042680 1126821 Emergency Aid
SC042715 1105659 Salem International Christian Centre
SC042743 1095562 Shared Lives Plus Limited
SC042755 1138836 Life with Art
SC042758 1145138 Rathbone Training
SC042780 1039549 The Tuberous Sclerosis Association
SC042789 299679 Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society
SC042799 1139377 Speakers Trust Limited
SC042806 1068226 The Challenger Trust
SC042830 1115634 Bumblebee Conservation Trust
SC042833 1144091 Nesta
SC042840 1144251 Open University Students Association
SC042845 284888 The Fishmongers' Company's Fisheries Charitable Trust
SC042846 509060 York Archaeological Trust for Excavation and Research Limited
SC042853 249255 National Sheep Association
SC042856 239281 Wellbeing of Women
SC042857 1144564 British Obesity Society
SC042870 1145181 Carers Trust
SC042896 1078695 The Volunteer Missionary Movement (Europe)
SC042906 1086179 Alpha International
SC042910 1040419 Child Bereavement UK
SC042911 1081300 The Migraine Trust
SC042920 1125038 Target Ovarian Cancer
SC042974 274695 The Society of St Pius X
SC042984 1116918 The Heart Research Institute (Uk)
SC042996 1092892 Holocaust Educational Trust
SC043054 1126806 The Reader Organisation
SC043065 1064736 Youth Cancer Trust (Uk) Limited
SC043066 1112100 The Vincent Wildlife Trust
SC043081 1140754 The A21 Campaign Limited
SC043082 1103256 Ripple Africa
SC043084 1000851 Amanat Charity Trust
SC043085 1069833 Apostleship of the Sea
SC043104 1113253 Path to Success
SC043119 1105460 The King's Foundation
SC043120 1130306 Ellen Macarthur Foundation
SC043136 1143326 The Invicta Foundation
SC043161 1123313 Sported Foundation
SC043163 1094586 The Drinkaware Trust
SC043174 1067361 The Quilters' Guild of the British Isles
SC043177 1146330 Alpha-1 UK Support Group
SC043181 1118674 Digital Pipeline
SC043186 1137068 Autism Ventures
SC043191 1075361 Over the Wall
SC043202 326684 Good News Trust
SC043237 1050944 The Pleasance Theatre Trust
SC043239 1059328 Frontier Youth Trust
SC043245 231508 The Royal Economic Society
SC043254 1096790 The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health
SC043324 1147344 The Unite Foundation
SC043340 1063614 Beating Bowel Cancer
SC043341 1002918 Soft UK
SC043343 292182 The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music
SC043344 1101030 Snow-Camp
SC043345 1108309 Harvest International Ministries
SC043383 293727 The Lifecare Charitable Trust
SC043396 1147449 The Police Treatment Centres
SC043414 1147400 The Costa Foundation
SC043441 1143342 Spuc Education and Research Trust
SC043446 1071663 Christian Vision for Men
SC043459 211348 The Suffolk Sheep Society
SC043470 1117249 Shannon Trust
SC043471 1146800 Seton Care
SC043473 1090515 Young Life International
SC043478 1109743 Ovarian Cancer Action
SC043510 1147603 Cauda Equina Syndrome UK Charity
SC043513 1145460 Children and Families Media Education Trust
SC043518 1058580 Justice
SC043537 1101849 Engineers Without Borders UK
SC043569 1046047 The Change Foundation
SC043576 1144342 Narcolepsy UK
SC043586 1147967 Armed Forces Bikers
SC043601 1114417 Equality Challenge Unit
SC043612 1042391 Community Security Trust
SC043637 1110415 Primary Care Diabetes Society
SC043642 1120146 James Whale Fund Limited
SC043667 1100325 Centre of Hope
SC043668 1118444 The Association for Perioperative Practice
SC043669 1009671 National Eczema Society
SC043670 1093406 Diamond Way Buddhism UK
SC043677 1072612 The United Kingdom Committee for Unicef
SC043678 1092891 The UK Career Academy Foundation
SC043710 1125684 Open Doors with Brother Andrew
SC043743 281074 HCPT (Hosanna House and Children's Pilgrimage Trust)
SC043751 1134359 Hounds for Heroes
SC043760 1110656 The Pavement
SC043784 220482 Christian Police Association
SC043833 1138337 The Land Restoration Trust
SC043840 266780 The Architectural Heritage Fund
SC043852 1101971 Action Duchenne Limited
SC043874 1079770 Caudwell Children
SC043878 800248 Dreams Come True Charity
SC043881 1139891 Affinity Trust
SC043882 1149468 New Spring Trust
SC043909 1057635 Bibic
SC043922 1142119 Sea-Changers
SC043946 1101607 The Higher Education Academy
SC043965 1145855 The College of Podiatry
SC043969 1150504 Uthink People Developing People
SC043973 1135638 Future First Alumni Limited
SC044002 1111371 The Seeing Ear Limited
SC044013 1096491 Ellen Macarthur Cancer Trust
SC044031 1144975 Peeple
SC044047 269668 Retired Greyhound Trust
SC044069 1104903 Tools with a Mission
SC044074 1128532 Diagrama Foundation-Psychosocial Intervention
SC044090 260346 British Arachnological Society
SC044093 1077079 Success for All Foundation
SC044097 1130188 Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust
SC044099 1148822 New Apostolic Church UK
SC044122 1011056 Signhealth
SC044129 1117377 Village Water Limited
SC044139 1144022 Together for Short Lives
SC044156 1115890 Gael Music
SC044163 1135360 Visionary - Linking Local Sight Loss Charities
SC044168 1080189 Wave Trust
SC044182 1150793 The Greenlight Charity
SC044198 1141987 Be Child Cancer Aware
SC044207 1108210 The Sheila Mckechnie Foundation
SC044246 1110522 The Trussell Trust
SC044260 1139869 Sarcoma UK
SC044263 1168051 Sports Chaplaincy UK
SC044299 1152560 The Royal Air Force Central Fund
SC044341 229229 The Florence Nightingale Foundation
SC044347 1110621 Campaign Against Living Miserably
SC044360 259194 Henry George Foundation of Great Britain
SC044368 1111816 The Cure Parkinson's Trust
SC044385 1153856 School Angel
SC044387 1067331 Children's Liver Disease Foundation
SC044434 1124533 Medical Detection Dogs
SC044437 1150611 Centric Community Projects Limited
SC044467 1147330 The Silver Line Helpline
SC044475 1105585 Mohiuddin Trust
SC044490 1123658 Kids in Museums
SC044510 233705 The Medicalert Foundation
SC044530 1128648 New Borderline
SC044535 1137652 Multiple System Atrophy Trust
SC044606 1139817 Redeeming Our Communities
SC044614 1045348 Afghanaid
SC044634 1089588 Children Living with Inherited Metabolic Diseases
SC044642 1114634 Brainstrust
SC044647 1148667 The Campbell Burns Metabolic Trust
SC044682 1093980 Carplus Trust
SC044685 1128723 Polymyalgia Rheumatica and Giant Cell Arteritis UK
SC044690 1150833 The Douglas Haig Fellowship
SC044702 1111304 Alopecia UK
SC044707 1151436 The Conversation Trust (Uk) Limited
SC044708 1154100 Bethel Sozo UK
SC044732 1149579 Save Our Soldier
SC044757 1146454 Kartforce
SC044850 249877 The British Ornithologists' Union
SC044852 283670 Development Studies Association
SC044875 264289 Citb
SC044876 1156629 Rnib Charity
SC044892 1117303 Dreamflight
SC044921 1156700 The Home Instead Senior Care Bring Joy Foundation
SC044940 1088739 The Art Room (Oxford)
SC044969 1085021 The Operation Henry Trust
SC044984 1120920 Help for Heroes
SC045004 1154851 The Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland
SC045010 289600 Wellchild
SC045011 1048007 Link Community Development International
SC045048 1081688 Picker Institute Europe
SC045051 1078790 The Neurofibromatosis Association
SC045059 1077216 Compassion UK Christian Child Development
SC045070 1068911 Redwings Horse Sanctuary
SC045081 1150054 The Brain Tumour Charity
SC045082 1078391 Forward Housing SW
SC045086 1148115 Facial Palsy UK
SC045094 1135601 Solving Kids' Cancer Europe
SC045105 1140293 The Gordon Burn Longformacus Trust
SC045106 1149800 The National Funding Scheme
SC045118 1148843 Shiva Trust
SC045154 1079797 Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
SC045190 1155781 Dental Trauma UK
SC045196 298643 Public Service Broadcasting Trust
SC045202 1155884 DMD Pathfinders
SC045208 1050459 Epilepsy Bereaved
SC045283 1123059 The British Association of Skin Camouflage
SC045299 1086570 Christians in Sport
SC045327 1146896 The DR Hadwen Trust
SC045329 1108659 Westie Rehoming
SC045338 1150509 Specialistsuk Foundation
SC045339 1099808 Working Families
SC045386 1151475 Horatio's Garden
SC045407 1144406 Niemann-Pick Disease Group (Uk)
SC045442 1159657 Remember My Baby Remembrance Photography
SC045443 1004468 Anorexia and Bulimia Care
SC045443 1155686 Anorexia and Bulimia Care
SC045458 1150730 Just Enough UK
SC045470 1112331 National Examining Board for Dental Nurses
SC045473 1159766 Kilninian Trust
SC045476 274467 Actionaid
SC045485 518891 In2venture
SC045486 515691 Lifeline Project
SC045491 211042 Toc H
SC045495 1058845 Borderline Counselling Services
SC045497 1157442 The Dare to Live Trust
SC045498 1160030 Helping Hands in Uganda
SC045533 1095234 The League Against Cruel Sports
SC045581 1156336 The White Eagle Lodge
SC045584 1160558 Breast Cancer Now
SC045615 1154143 Dementia Research UK
SC045634 1160224 The Morrisons Foundation
SC045652 299872 The Royal College of Ophthalmologists
SC045685 1159373 Rewilding Britain
SC045694 1046401 The Life and Light Missions
SC045732 1159867 Ecosystems Knowledge Network
SC045767 1143576 Give a Kidney - One's Enough
SC045769 1126097 Hope for Justice
SC045788 703015 Brook Young People
SC045808 1081462 Betel of Britain
SC045811 1106746 Willow Foundation
SC045815 1138645 Free the Children UK
SC045819 1102276 Tax Volunteers
SC045820 1152973 Migraine Action Incorporated
SC045838 1081467 The Message Trust
SC045839 1110408 Mankind Welfare Trust
SC045850 1068395 Lymphoma Association
SC045860 1102801 Minhaj-Ul-Quran International
SC045871 263381 John Metcalfe Publishing Trust
SC045875 1120684 Support Our Soldiers
SC045876 220235 The Norwegian Church and Seamen's Mission
SC045877 1162895 Public Health Register
SC045888 1157650 Harvey's Army
SC045897 1128024 The Railway Mission
SC045901 1143246 Skills for Health Limited
SC045932 313743 Plunkett Foundation
SC045939 1156258 Real Life Options
SC045940 1161297 Impact Planet
SC045950 1126031 University Jewish Chaplaincy
SC045963 1057063 County Air Ambulance Trust
SC045967 1136892 Goalball UK
SC045970 1132366 Coppafeel
SC045978 242451 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Great Britain)
SC046031 1130814 The Steve Sinnott Foundation
SC046075 1139916 MQ: Transforming Mental Health
SC046090 1098765 Organisation Cetacea
SC046090 1141728 Organisation Cetacea
SC046098 1163560 KFC Add Hope Foundation
SC046106 1161622 Leukaemia & Myeloma Research UK Ltd
SC046118 1147009 School of Hard Knocks
SC046121 1060034 The Grassroots Trust
SC046140 1130353 The Dallaglio Foundation
SC046146 1157531 Forces Support Limited
SC046148 207275 Royal Medical Benevolent Fund
SC046149 1113542 Streetgames UK
SC046157 1164473 Just Helping Children
SC046159 1159219 Heart Valve Voice
SC046207 1063756 World Medical Fund
SC046208 1162687 Friends of the Union Chain Bridge
SC046226 297716 Business in the Community
SC046247 1160516 UK Smart Recovery
SC046249 1089678 The Engineering and Technology Board
SC046263 1016630 Foundation for Credit Counselling
SC046296 1149496 Firstlight Trust
SC046310 1164411 Miss Diva Foundation
SC046315 1160293 The Circle of Women
SC046352 1161328 Trec GB
SC046354 1162478 The Wild Trout Trust Limited
SC046364 1099672 Starfish Asia
SC046380 1148653 Antenatal Results & Choices (Arc) Limited
SC046382 291202 Army Families Federation
SC046384 1163538 The Ambulance Services Charity
SC046392 1112708 Pancreatic Cancer UK
SC046402 1161224 The Ripple Pond
SC046409 1151410 Millie's Trust
SC046416 1151867 Challenge Cancer UK
SC046449 1152808 Mummy's Star
SC046481 1154288 Human Appeal International
SC046482 1009910 The St Barnabas Society
SC046500 1163421 The Wave Project
SC046541 275946 The Kingdom Hall Trust
SC046556 1161809 Fair for You Ltd
SC046557 800065 Institute for Public Policy Research
SC046571 1166953 The Veterans' Foundation
SC046586 1150411 Speakers for Schools
SC046591 1165603 Feed the Minds
SC046627 1144969 Global Educational Trust
SC046635 1140017 Cyclists Fighting Cancer Ltd
SC046669 1166674 Breast Cancer Research Aid (Bcra)
SC046695 1118995 The Children's Food Trust
SC046712 1157027 The Ehlers-Danlos Support UK
SC046735 1136809 Reverse Rett
SC046748 1078673 Zambesi Mission
SC046767 298104 The Henry Doubleday Research Association
SC046788 1162824 Project Seagrass
SC046837 1146746 Vision 2020 (Uk) Limited
SC046840 1153487 Brain Tumour Research
SC046866 216647 International Bible Students Association
SC046917 1150056 DKMS Bone Marrow Donor Centre
SC000084 240876 Society of the Helpers of the Holy Souls
SC001734 268735 The Coats Foundation Trust
SC044841 1072573 The Smith-Magenis Syndrome (S.M.S.) Foundation UK
SC043858 1147572 Life Foundation Trust
SC044373 1122689 The Royal College of Emergency Medicine
SC013771 221335 The Crerar Trust
SC037482 1075317 Aspire ( Association for Spinal Injury Research Rehabilitation and Reintegration )
SC037726 1074937 Adventist Development and Relief Agency - UK
SC043904 1117526 The Bhopal Medical Appeal
SC038213 283031 International Rescue Corps
SC038227 249900 Charities Administered in Connection With the Scots Guards
SC038249 1157980 The Florence Nightingale Aid in Sickness Trust
SC038300 285189 The Open University Students' Educational Trust
SC038434 248800 Banner of Truth Building Fund
SC038601 1011895 Profound and Multiple Impairment Service
SC038746 232411 The Sisters of Notre Dame (of Namur)
SC038886 1092338 Project Kinshasa
SC038948 221594 The Society of St Columban for Foreign Missions
SC038956 285629 The Hebridean Trust Limited
SC039030 1101183 Ihsgb Limited
SC039050 803680 Canine Partners for Independence
SC039196 211621 John Menzies (Southern) Limited Employees' Benevolent Fund
SC039199 260949 The Slater Foundation Limited
SC039258 1082485 The Anchor Foundation
SC039285 232541 Roman Catholic Purposes Administered in Connection With the Society of African Missions
SC039480 296766 Balcarres Heritage Trust Limited
SC039552 1057629 Keratoconus Self-Help and Support Association
SC039562 1081540 The Outlook Trust for the Visually Impaired
SC039585 275424 International Voluntary Service
SC039809 220690 Charity for St Joseph's Missionary Society (British Region)
SC039900 1154843 Guillain-Barre & Associated Inflammatory Neuropathies ("Gain")
SC039914 1104279 The Hepatitis C Trust
SC039981 326732 Re-Solv - The Society for the Prevention of Solvent and Volatile Substance Abuse
SC022173 290276 The St Aloysius Charitable Fund
SC040432 219763 Sim International (UK)
SC040452 1036419 Action for Me
SC040724 263004 The Sealed Knot Limited
SC041210 1112339 Mentor Foundation UK
SC041369 282921 Vivat Trust
SC041671 1041063 The Archives and Records Association (UK and Ireland)
SC041785 1004009 The National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens
SC042332 258421 Agape Ministries Limited
SC042410 1106065 CDH UK- The Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Charity
SC042595 1091162 Sahara Communities Abroad (Sacoma)
SC042612 1091708 Gynaecology Cancer Research Fund
SC042703 1115972 The Nurture Group Network Limited
SC046931 1168951 The Hymans Robertson Foundation
SC046950 1147704 Fop Friends
SC046952 1077961 Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Britain
SC046969 1133536 Greenpower Education Trust
SC046972 1158707 Home for Good
SC046980 1103741 Doctors' Support Network
SC046981 1150925 Street Doctors Ltd
SC047001 1164948 Harvest Chapel International UK
SC047009 1152591 Haeuk
SC047016 1160901 Transport Benevolent Fund (CIO)
SC047042 1015665 FRG Ltd
SC047044 1114579 The Lewy Body Society
SC047057 1073396 The Landscape Institute
SC047079 1153824 Community Hygiene Concern
SC047080 1168037 The Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches
SC047117 1120152 Rage Arts
SC047140 1103950 Dhammakaya International Society of the United Kingdom
SC047163 1131655 Church Mission Society
SC047175 1136039 Our Aim Appeals
SC047184 210729 The Royal United Kingdom Beneficent Association
SC047214 1108811 Buildaid
SC047223 1164250 Sudep Action
SC047256 1164009 Animal Behaviour Training Council
SC047295 1020758 International Service Fellowship Trust
SC047306 274728 The Sir George Earle Benevolent Fund
SC047314 1130568 The Involve Foundation
SC047326 1124541 Andrew Wommack Ministries-Europe
SC047332 1127861 The Fragile X Society
SC047367 1043255 British Society for Immunology
SC047369 1137820 Rett UK
SC047395 1132411 Localgiving Foundation
SC047408 1084908 Batten Disease Family Association
SC047419 1020419 Missing People Limited
SC047429 1039404 Dementia UK
SC047495 1163896 The Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation - London Division
SC047527 206860 The Insurance Charities
SC047537 1167662 Heritage Trust Network
SC047560 1062461 The Oesophageal Patients Association
SC047600 296058 Starlight Children's Foundation
SC047645 261993 The Cameron Fund
SC047720 1126812 Farplace Animal Rescue
SC047730 1160970 The Polycystic Kidney Disease Charity
SC047767 1151322 The Police Dependants' Trust Limited
SC047781 1149813 The Junction 42 Foundation
SC047805 1126304 The Holy Family Sisters of the Needy Charity Trust
SC047810 1166983 Communities and Nature International
SC047839 702314 The Five Lamps Organisation
SC047901 1138183 British Triathlon Foundation Trust
SC047927 1174472 Krabbe UK
SC047967 1077722 Family Lives
SC048007 1174691 The Scots Guards Charity
SC048098 1167174 'Just Love'
SC048148 1169204 Lockton Charitable Association
SC048185 1134205 The Royal Marines Charity
SC037596 1046854 Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation
SC037603 298328 The Paddle Steamer Preservation Society
SC037689 313881 The Robert Nicol Fellowships and Scholarships [INACTIVE]
SC037728 277968 Buckland Professorship (Buckland Foundation)
SC037811 1114643 Charity Select UK Equity Fund
SC037817 1069663 The British Deer Society
SC037841 262865 The Royal Town Planning Institute
SC037869 327968 The Traditional Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer
SC037891 327055 Wholeness Through Christ
SC037900 292352 The Wheelchair Dance Association
SC037902 252742 Atlantic Salmon Trust
SC037912 1046060 The Royal Life Saving Society - U.K.
SC037916 1011063 The Hypermobility Syndromes Association
SC037932 1080507 Turner Syndrome Support Society
SC037981 233302 The Society of Missionaries of Africa (Also Known as the White Fathers)
SC038029 292545 The Nineveh Trust
SC038068 1043601 Circles Network
SC038218 1081009 The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund
SC038235 1083038 Berwick Animal Rescue Kennels
SC038255 313511 British Medical and Dental Students' Trust
SC038285 1005380 Violet Tankerville Charitable Trust
SC038307 264800 The British Association for Applied Linguistics
SC038379 233082 The Trinitarian Bible Society
SC038451 283041 Word of Life Ministries UK Limited
SC038495 1075478 Camp & Trek
SC038552 1083419 The Priestly Fraternity of St Peter
SC038566 802498 Extend Exercise Training Limited
SC038723 1110520 The Coronary Thrombosis Trust
SC038743 214864 Roman Catholic Purposes Administered in Connexion With the Missionary Sisters of Verona
SC038844 1059660 Pilotlight
SC038854 292282 Westleague Limited
SC038866 1089967 The British Stammering Association
SC038891 1109838 Breast Health International Limited
SC038991 1070674 NAPA
SC039016 1071872 Association of Marine Electronic and Radio Colleges Limited
SC039064 1040631 The Association of Colleges Charitable Trust
SC039130 235708 Soldiers' and Airmen's Scripture Readers Association
SC039260 253796 The Morrison-Bell Charitable Trust
SC039262 1061212 Rfea Limited
SC039287 1085709 Alternatives to Violence Project, Britain
SC039389 1113423 The Mertoun Gardens Trust
SC039453 313660 School Library Association
SC039458 270291 National Association of Toy & Leisure Libraries
SC039477 1075789 Kids Out UK
SC039511 1099960 The Infertility Network (UK)
SC039561 1149420 The Institute for Outdoor Learning
SC039564 250183 Charity for Roman Catholic Purposes in Connection With the Congregation of Sisters of Bon Secours De Paris - Province of Great Britain
SC039652 1038334 British Fuchsia Society
SC039657 250888 Institute of Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, Otherwise Salesian Sisters of St John Bosco
SC039806 1105920 European Squirrel Initiative
SC039810 1018559 Association of Christian Counsellors
SC039863 1103076 Youth Music Theatre UK
SC039878 283763 The Simpson Scholarship Fund
SC039915 1098009 Actacc
SC039918 1035611 Carpathian Aid
SC039947 210031 Ican Charity
SC039959 1116947 Red Squirrel Survival Trust
SC039961 240168 Come Back to God Campaign
SC040066 257912 Mariapolis Limited
SC040097 1016114 Association of External Quality Assessment Schemes Participants Meetings Organisers
SC040103 251087 Association for the Study of Medical Education [INACTIVE]
SC040230 1058944 The Blood Pressure Association
SC040325 1049059 The No Way Trust Limited
SC040458 276520 Stella's Voice
SC040484 1107970 The Westie Rescue Scheme Limited
SC040488 1003279 Anne Frank Trust UK
SC040550 1044475 Hope UK
SC040681 285474 The Luis Palau Evangelistic Team
SC040716 298688 Odinist Fellowship
SC040783 1128168 British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums
SC040953 1082002 The John McAslan Family Charitable Trust
SC041055 1076478 Tamba, Twins & Multiple Births Association
SC041140 1061359 Winston's Wish (a Grief Support Programme for Children)
SC041166 1056573 Common Purpose International
SC041204 220467 The Evangelical Lutheran Church of England Trust Limited
SC041347 272258 The National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society
SC041353 1042482 QUIT
SC041409 1125695 Heel and Toe Ltd
SC041411 1131480 Art of Living Foundation (UK)
SC041513 1028986 The Lord Reigns Ministries
SC041824 267927 The Foundation for Canadian Studies in the United Kingdom
SC041839 1027384 Bardet - Biedl Syndrome UK
SC042389 1133829 Justice & Care
SC041988 1051631 The Swimming Teachers Association Limited
SC041997 1063947 Cat Action Trust
SC042038 1124737 The National Angling Museum
SC042486 210029 The Christian Community in Great Britain
SC042887 1097567 The Lily Foundation for the Congo
SC042944 1116260 The National Literacy Trust
SC043021 1071657 Streetsmart-Action for the Homeless
SC043250 1031690 Multiple Sclerosis National Therapy Centres Limited
SC043288 1125030 Birdline UK Limited
SC043294 1143522 Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension United Kingdom
SC043332 1036069 Children With Cystic Fibrosis-Dream Holidays
SC043339 1084787 Retraining of Race Horses
SC047502 1165934 Two Destination Language
SC043579 800797 The Disabilities Trust
SC043643 1050992 Joint Aid Management
SC043652 1147445 St George's Police Childrentrust
SC043663 1134606 The RCN Foundation
SC047637 1166559 Sexpression:uk
SC043897 276902 S N U Trust
SC044036 269430 The Textile Conservation Foundation
SC044053 1151319 The John Hartson Foundation
SC044190 1092168 Different Strokes (Trustees) Limited
SC044197 1096262 Revelation Rock-Gospel Choirs
SC044280 1143783 History Maker Foundation
SC044566 1150669 UK Society for Behavioural Medicine (Uksbm)
SC044636 1148789 Ukpips Limited
SC044744 1046443 Myaware
SC044848 1145560 The Kerusso Trust
SC045036 1109088 Berwick-Upon-Tweed Community Development Trust Limited
SC045217 1148302 The Military Wives Choirs Foundation
SC045226 271326 BJS Society Limited
SC045254 1157994 Social History Curators' Group
SC045348 1155288 Polish Scouting Association (UK Region) Limited
SC045460 1087210 The St. John and Red Cross Defence Medical Welfare Service
SC045524 1126220 Wwoof (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms)
SC045571 1121917 The Dollywood Foundation UK
SC045786 248979 The Christadelphian Auxiliary Lecturing Society
SC046037 1006391 British Thyroid Foundation
SC046039 296919 The British Archaeological Awards
SC046104 1139083 Grow Volunteer Consulting
SC046150 1156687 The Turing Trust
SC046199 1091673 The Thomas Cook Children's Charity
SC046238 306054 The Lords Taverners
SC046269 1126386 Dsa-Qag
SC046278 1140543 Action on Elder Abuse
SC046385 1145324 British Society of Cardiovascular Imaging / British Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography ( Bsci / BSCCT)
SC047557 1072425 The Caxton Trust
SC047719 1176805 Hand in Hand for Aid and Development
SC047733 1156985 The Cinnamon Network
SC047740 1131072 Urostomy Association
SC047748 1145354 Legasee Educational Trust
SC047760 1153497 Walking With the Wounded
SC047778 1172460 Mates in Mind
SC047797 1173851 Echoes International
SC048021 1170994 Combined Cadet Force Association
SC048023 1149249 Kingdom Heritage Christian Fellowship
SC048038 1175109 Causeway Education Ltd
SC048051 1132286 The Care Workers Charity
SC048055 1136077 The Prince's Countryside Fund
SC048075 1152978 Give Us Time
SC048102 1093028 Co-Operative Community Investment Foundation
SC048141 1118200 Ice and Fire Theatre Company Limited
SC048180 1176542 GFG Foundation
SC048193 1160374 Community Leisure Services Partnership
SC048198 270288 The British Kidney Patient Association
SC048202 1102510 Magic Breakfast
SC048203 800262 The Family Holiday Association
SC048207 1150405 Safe Families for Children
SC048210 1087843 Encephalitis Support Group
SC010951 272100 The Brittle Bone Society
SC018295 231574 The Sisters of St Joseph of Peace Charity
SC043394 1140864 People and Planet Student Activities Limited
SC043491 1149438 Ibrahim Foundation Ltd
SC043566 1084057 Minhaj-Ul-Quran Welfare Foundation
SC043665 306075 The National Youth Theatre of Great Britain
SC043717 1135829 Honour Our Troops
SC043942 256659 The Society for Underwater Technology Limited
SC044109 1118733 The Maria Watt Birmingham Foundation for Childhood and Teenage Leukaemia
SC044294 1118143 The Lucie Blackman Trust
SC044745 1081637 Police Roll of Honour Trust
SC045076 1157154 The Ey Foundation
SC045337 1156341 The Chartered Certified Accountants Benevolent Fund
SC046184 1047725 Raynet-UK
SC046266 1148093 Wings for Warriors
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