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Last active August 24, 2020 16:36
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StackOverflow Question - SWXMLHash Test
import SWXMLHash
let xml = """
var parsedXML: XMLIndexer? = nil
parsedXML = SWXMLHash.parse(xml)
let name1 = parsedXML?["root"]["catalog"]["book"][0]["author"].element?.text
let name2 = parsedXML?["root"]["catalog"]["book"][1]["author"].element?.text
let name3 = parsedXML?["root"]["catalog"]["book"][2]["author"].element?.text
let catalog = parsedXML?["root"]["catalog"]
let subname1 = catalog?["book"][0]["author"].element?.text
let subname2 = catalog?["book"][1]["author"].element?.text
let subname3 = catalog?["book"][2]["author"].element?.text
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