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Nikki Stevens drnikki

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drnikki / archive-all-facebook-messages.js
Created Apr 22, 2018 — forked from elibosley/archive-all-facebook-messages.js
Archive all of the messages in your Facebook Messages Inbox
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function archive_all(testOnly) {
messages = $("._5blh")
console.log("Found", messages.length, "messages on messsenger.");
if (!testOnly) {
for (i = 0; i < messages.length; i++) {
try {
messages[i].click()// open dialog
drnikki / gist:4fe73512cf0d5269d5a65be93c1d4060
Created Jan 4, 2018
community metrics thread from 4 jan 18 dd&i meeting
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:three: Community metrics - should this group be working towards specific, measurable goals? What metrics would be meaningful and how would we collect them? The issue has more ideas and prompts for discussion: ``
What are the things we (as DD&I) want to have an impact on and how can we measure those? What is most meaningful to us? @agentrickard is with us to discuss further.
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agentrickard [44 minutes ago]
The first question is one of scope: Is this issue about metrics for Drupal, or about metrics for DD&I initiatives?
rubyji [43 minutes ago]
I’m not against the idea of measuring, but this can be SO incredibly fraught with complexity and unintended consequences, so I’d approach this cautiously. Especially the idea of having numeric “goals.”
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Replace this string with your API key.
api_key = '----'
# Replace this string with your Library ID
library_id = ----
library_type = 'user'
# Import the libraries we'll need and initialize
drnikki / gist:483fbb3f933427b1a0af9b96237b0615
Created Dec 18, 2017
item['data'] from zotero API using python wrapper
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{ u'DOI': u'10.1007/s00146-013-0473-z',
u'ISSN': u'9783902823205',
u'abstractNote': u"The paper discusses the limitations of engineering ethics as frequently implemented in practice, with a focus on how activities are carried out without considering whether the activities are themselves ethical and the gap between legality and ethics. This leads to the following two central ideas of the paper. The first is the need for engineers to both be aware of and critique their own values and to be able to widen their perspective to that of the 'other' i.e. marginalised and minority groups and the environment. The second is the relationship between individual and collective responsibility and the need for support for ethical engineers.",
u'accessDate': u'',
u'archive': u'',
u'archiveLocation': u'',
u'callNumber': u'',
u'collections': [],
u'creators': [ { u'creatorType': u'author',
u'firstName': u'Marion',
drnikki /
Last active Oct 31, 2017 — forked from AlannaBurke/
Oct 30 Governance Meeting Notes/Takeaways

Attendees: Alanna (leading), Nikki, Tara, Fatima, Lyndsey, Heather, Rachel (7 total)

We need a clear values statement, which should include why this statement is necessary - why not having one is adversely affecting the community and what the purpose is.

Instead of worrying about getting the whole community on board, the statment should reflect how things are going forward, full stop.

We need a very clear CoC, which should include as much as we possibly can (look at examples like Geek Feminism) (most agreed to this, some did not) to be clear so there is no question what is not allowed and what the consequences will be. Use language like "includes but is not limited to"

Implementation details to be worked out later (do you agree to CoC by creating a d.o account? downloading Drupal? etc)

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drnikki [8:55 AM]
Just a reminder that our first governance discussion is going to be right here in 5 minutes.
1 reply Today at 8:55 AM View thread
[9:00 AM]
:zero: Welcome to this meeting to discuss Drupal Community Governance! This is one of a series of meetings we are holding in this channel to connect people who are interested in governance with each other, provide a forum for people to share their thoughts, and empower the community to determine the next steps. Additional background can be found at:
:one: This meeting is text-only. There is no audio or video component.
:two: The entire slack transcript will be recorded and available after this meeting. This means that we’ll be copying and pasting the chat, including usernames, and pasting it into a gist (or other format) to be linked at the bottom of the scheduling google doc -

All of this is probably more relevant to communities making tech products, but hope this helps:


typical go-to code of conduct

Mozilla has been doing thinking and writing about OSS community D&I and there's implications for community structure, leadership and interactions

drnikki / phpmd_drupal_ruleset.xml
Created Feb 21, 2017 — forked from therealssj/phpmd_drupal_ruleset.xml
PHP Mess Detector Ruleset for Drupal.
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<?xml version="1.0"?>
name="PMD Ruleset for Drupal"
<rule ref="rulesets/unusedcode.xml" />
<rule ref="rulesets/codesize.xml">
<exclude name="ExcessiveMethodLength" />
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BADCamp Links
Nelson the bald hedgehog:
Legal Justice Hackathon
Volunteer at Crisis Text Line
drnikki /
Last active Mar 2, 2016
Drupal 8 probo setup

Repo configuration

The repo contains drupal core, some vagrant configuration for local development, a db starting place, and some scripts. The repo root looks like:

- drupal
-- sites/default/settings.php
- db
- scripts
- vagrant

Local development

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