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Created February 9, 2018 15:54
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Slack exported conversation avatar replacement with locally downloaded avatars from original URL
import os
import lxml.html as LH
import shutil
import requests
temp_dir = "/tmp/avatar_tmp"
if not os.path.isdir("html/avatars"):
if os.path.isdir(temp_dir):
shutil.rmtree(temp_dir, ignore_errors=True)
for html_file in os.listdir('html'):
if os.path.isfile("html/" + html_file):
with open('html/' + html_file, "rb") as html_string:
root = LH.parse(html_string)
for el in root.iter('img'):
avatar_original_url = el.attrib['src']
split_data = str(el.attrib['src']).split('/')
if str(avatar_original_url).startswith('') or\
avatar_folder_date = 'html/avatars/' + split_data[3]
if str(avatar_original_url).startswith(''):
avatar_file_name = split_data[4].split('?',1)[0]
avatar_file_name = split_data[4]
avatar_folder_file = 'avatars/' + split_data[3] + '/' + avatar_file_name
if not os.path.isdir(avatar_folder_date):
if not os.path.isfile(avatar_folder_date + '/' + avatar_file_name):
with open(avatar_folder_date + '/' + avatar_file_name, "wb") as avatar_destination:
avatar_destination.write(bytes(requests.get(avatar_original_url, stream=True).content))
print("New avatar found: " + avatar_folder_date + '/' + avatar_file_name)
# else:
# print("Avatar " + avatar_folder_date + '/' + avatar_file_name + " already existing")
el.attrib['src'] = avatar_folder_file
with open(temp_dir + '/' + html_file, "wb") as temp_file:
temp_file.write(LH.tostring(root, pretty_print=True))
os.remove('html/' + html_file)
shutil.move(temp_dir + '/' + html_file, "html/")
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droberin commented Feb 9, 2018

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droberin commented Feb 9, 2018

Using this script in a docker container as in previous steps steps

Download gist code at output folder created with previous gist

cd $HOME/slack2html_output
wget -O \

Execute docker and convert output

docker run -ti --rm -v $HOME/slack2html_output:/mnt/slack_data \
 -v $HOME/slack2html_output:/mnt/slack2html/ \
 python:3-slim bash -c 'cd /mnt/slack_data && pip3 install lxml requests && python3'

Check renewed content

firefox $HOME/slack2html_output/html/

Remove python image if it ain't gonna be in use any longer.

It uses less than 200MiB of disk but... you know... clean it up...

docker rmi python:3-slim

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