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Python generator rate limiter using token bucket
from time import time, sleep
_128k = 128 * 1024
_256k = 256 * 1024
_512k = 512 * 1024
_1024k = 1024 * 1024
class TokenBucket(object):
"""An implementation of the token bucket algorithm.
>>> bucket = TokenBucket(80, 0.5)
>>> print bucket.consume(10)
adapted from
Not thread safe.
__slots__ = ['capacity', '_tokens', 'fill_rate', 'timestamp']
def __init__(self, tokens, fill_rate):
"""tokens is the total tokens in the bucket. fill_rate is the
rate in tokens/second that the bucket will be refilled."""
self.capacity = float(tokens)
self._tokens = float(tokens)
self.fill_rate = float(fill_rate)
self.timestamp = time()
def consume(self, tokens, block=True):
"""Consume tokens from the bucket. Returns True if there were
sufficient tokens.
If there are not enough tokens and block is True, sleeps until the
bucket is replenished enough to satisfy the deficiency.
If there are not enough tokens and block is False, returns False.
It is an error to consume more tokens than the bucket capacity.
assert tokens <= self.capacity, \
'Attempted to consume {} tokens from a bucket with capacity {}' \
.format(tokens, self.capacity)
if block and tokens > self.tokens:
deficit = tokens - self._tokens
delay = deficit / self.fill_rate
# print 'Have {} tokens, need {}; sleeping {} seconds'.format(self._tokens, tokens, delay)
if tokens <= self.tokens:
self._tokens -= tokens
return True
return False
def tokens(self):
if self._tokens < self.capacity:
now = time()
delta = self.fill_rate * (now - self.timestamp)
self._tokens = min(self.capacity, self._tokens + delta)
self.timestamp = now
return self._tokens
class InfiniteTokenBucket(object):
"""TokenBucket implementation with infinite capacity, i.e. consume always
returns True."""
__slots__ = ()
def __init__(self, tokens=None, fill_rate=None):
def consume(self, tokens, block=True):
return True
def tokens(self):
return float('infinity')
def rate_limit(data, bandwidth_or_burst, steady_state_bandwidth=None):
"""Limit the bandwidth of a generator.
Given a data generator, return a generator that yields the data at no
higher than the specified bandwidth. For example, ``rate_limit(data, _256k)``
will yield from data at no higher than 256KB/s.
The three argument form distinguishes burst from steady-state bandwidth,
so ``rate_limit(data, _1024k, _128k)`` would allow data to be consumed at
128KB/s with an initial burst of 1MB.
bandwidth = steady_state_bandwidth or bandwidth_or_burst
rate_limiter = TokenBucket(bandwidth_or_burst, bandwidth)
for thing in data:
yield thing

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@hanleilei hanleilei commented Dec 24, 2018

awful format..

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