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Hide unused activity bar icons (view container icons)
import { injectable } from 'inversify';
import { FrontendApplicationContribution, FrontendApplication } from '@theia/core/lib/browser';
import { MaybePromise } from '@theia/core/lib/common/types';
import { Widget } from '@theia/core/lib/browser/widgets';
export class ExampleFrontendContribution implements FrontendApplicationContribution {
* Called after the application shell has been attached in case there is no previous workbench layout state.
* Should return a promise if it runs asynchronously.
onDidInitializeLayout(app: FrontendApplication): MaybePromise<void> {
// Remove unused widgets Widget) => {
if (['search-in-workspace', 'explorer-view-container', 'scm-view-container', 'scm-view'].includes( ||'debug')) {
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azappa commented Apr 1, 2020

Thanks man! Can you provide also other code for extension?

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hereischen commented Jan 28, 2021

That is what I am looking for, thanks a lot!

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maciejChmuraCodete commented Aug 24, 2021

Hello, I want to achieve something similar -> remove some ui from the app like top main menu.
Where this file should be saved to implement these changes?

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drochgenius commented Aug 24, 2021

I am not sure, I suggest you ask the Theia community:

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