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Toolkit 2014/15
Jade / Slim
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The Labs Sprint Process!

#Day 1 ##Establish a common understanding of the problem

With Client

####What's the problem?

  • Find out what the existing problems are with this particular product/service
  • Unearth existing problems with this sector/service in general
  • How long have these guys been around? Where do they hope to go?
  • Group the types of problems (A. Discovery, B. Informational, C. Process, D. Decision)
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Sprint (Tips)

Design Sprint Methodology

The important thing is that everyone is getting every solution, old and new, out of their head and onto paper at very low fidelity. – Jake Knapp

Make something good, fast


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Sprint (3 Days, Full)

#3 Day Sprint At least 1 full day with client

##Preperation Schedule user testing for the last day of the sprint.

##Day 1 — Understand + Diverge + Decide With client Objective: Establish a common understanding of the problem.

droom / Malay
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pe (/purh/)
the active person
main (/mah-in/)
bermain (/burr-mah-in/)
| Brunei
| Burma
| Cambodia
width: 100%
display: flex
align-items: center
justify-content: center
text-align: center
droom / Resource Hints
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Hints to the browser that might prime the pump for resources you will need. PreLoad is the only exception here, being more of an instruction than just a hint.
by Addy Osmani (@addyosmani)
Preresolve DNS hostnames for assets
<link rel="dns-prefetch" href="">
Begin a connection handshake in the background
<link rel="preconnect" href="" crossorigin>
droom / questions
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interview questions
Why interested you about us? [Tate]
Why this job? [Shelter]
Why is this the best place you could be working right now. [CityMapper]
Talk us through a project you worked on from start to finish [Shelter]
Share a project of which you are proud and explain why. [CityMapper]
[The process, your involvement at each step, delegation, compromises, wins/losses, reflection]
There are groups [this product/service] isn't reaching.
How would you reach them? [Tate]