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Trampolining the state monad via applicative combinator appears to work
import scalaz._, Scalaz._
def setS(i: Int): State[List[Int], Unit] = modify(i :: _)
val s = (1 to 10000).foldLeft(state[List[Int], Unit](()).lift[Free.Trampoline]) {
case (st, i) => st *> setS(i).lift[Free.Trampoline]
// Purposely choosing not to traverse here for demonstration purposes
val s2 = (1 to 10000).foldLeft(state[List[Int], List[Unit]](List.empty).lift[Free.Trampoline]) {
case (st, i) => (st |@| setS(i).lift[Free.Trampoline])((xs, x) => x :: xs)
val s3 = (1 to 10000).toList.traverseU {
i => setS(i).lift[Free.Trampoline]

For some reason the applicative works

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