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Last active March 29, 2017 15:20
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A function that lets you circularly tab through a part of a page.
var tabbableElements = 'a[href], area[href], input:not([disabled]),' +
'select:not([disabled]), textarea:not([disabled]),' +
'button:not([disabled]), iframe, object, embed, *[tabindex],' +
var keepFocus = function (context) {
var allTabbableElements = context.querySelectorAll(tabbableElements);
var firstTabbableElement = allTabbableElements[0];
var lastTabbableElement = allTabbableElements[allTabbableElements.length - 1];
var keyListener = function (event) {
var keyCode = event.which || event.keyCode; // Get the current keycode
// Polyfill to prevent the default behavior of events
event.preventDefault = event.preventDefault || function () {
event.returnValue = false;
// If it is TAB
if (keyCode === 9) {
// Move focus to first element that can be tabbed if Shift isn't used
if ( === lastTabbableElement && !event.shiftKey) {
// Move focus to last element that can be tabbed if Shift is used
} else if ( === firstTabbableElement && event.shiftKey) {
context.addEventListener('keydown', keyListener, false);
// Call the function when the part of the page gets focus
var modal = document.querySelector('.modal');
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Hey guys, I've been working on an accessibility project for a client, and I used the idea in your blog to what I think is a nice effect. You can see the version I made here (dependant on jquery).

It's nice because it take into account the possibility of elements being hidden, and doesn't make the mistake of tabbing over them. Another difference is that it lets you specify which elements to include in your markup.

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