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drw / ckan-sql-example.R
Last active Oct 19, 2018
R script showing how to convert a string field to an integer and then use it in the WHERE clause of a SQL query.
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if(!require(ckanr)){ # If the CKAN wrapper isn't already installed,
install.packages("ckanr") # install it.
ckanr_setup(url = "") # Set as the default URL.
query_8_to_9 = paste0('SELECT * FROM "47350364-44a8-4d15-b6e0-5f79ddff9367" WHERE "ward" >= ',"'8'",' AND "ward" <= ',"'9'")
# This query selects from the table with name "47350364-44a8-4d15-b6e0-5f79ddff9367"
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# This script shows how to get data from a private CKAN repository
# using the datastore_search API endpoint. It then pulls the data
# records out of the JSON response and casts fields to particular
# types, renaming and manipulating some along the way.
source("authentication.R") # This file should define CKAN_API_key.
# By putting this in a separate file, you can easily prevent
# it from being added to your git repository. (Just add the line
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