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Dr Washington Sanchez drwasho

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swagger: '2.0'
version: '1.0'
title: OpenBazaar API
description: >-
The OpenBazaar networking daemon combines a forked version of IPFS, a
Bitcoin wallet, and a peer-to-peer contracting system. This JSON API is the
primary mechanism for controlling the node. It offers a RESTful api for
building user interfaces as well as a number of RPC calls. In this
documentation you'll find a full list of API calls and example usages.
View obnsABI.json
"constant": false,
"inputs": [
"name": "handle",
"type": "string"
"name": "newName",
View profile_examples.json
"peerID": "QmYEChohLWGxbdgezhwSbaeCsTAG5iimzSkZyhLLUHv2TC",
"handle": "drwasho",
"name": "Washington Sanchez",
"location": "Brisbane",
"about": "The Dude",
"shortDescription": "Yo",
"nsfw": true,
"vendor": true,
"moderator": false,
View country_list.json
"name": "🌏 Worldwide",
"code": "ALL"
"name": "🇺🇸 United States",
View settings_example.json
"blockedNodes": [],
"country": "UNITED_STATES",
"localCurrency": "USD",
"mispaymentBuffer": 1,
"paymentDataInQR": true,
"refundPolicy": "All sales are final.",
"shippingAddresses": [
"addressLineOne": "31 Spooner Street",
View listing_example.json
"metadata": {
"contractType": "PHYSICAL_GOOD",
"format": "FIXED_PRICE",
"expiry": "2037-12-31T05:00:00.000Z",
"pricingCurrency": "USD"
"item": {
"title": "Vintage dress (physical; w/ options)",
"description": "This is a listing example.",
View contract.json
"listing": {
"slug": "sky-blue-dress",
"vendorID": {
"peerID": "QmYsPDkREkhWxvmFK33pNekzjwkPk1SecTnfUkZkdHwqKk",
"handle": "",
"pubkeys": {
"identity": "CAESIOSfWNxYYoMMuZGLtY3GHvG3NXpOx9tRvt+DCZxPDyiy",
"bitcoin": "A/oBmAH7QCXdkPaPmWVUd0wu9/j58Fk9jwQXUqT/MnqB"
drwasho /
Last active Sep 4, 2017
Websocket messages from the OpenBazaar 2.0 server

Wallet Update

    "walletUpdate": {
        "confirmed": 0,
        "height": 1180283,
        "unconfirmed": 0
View ws.js
function blue() {
// Get references to elements on the page.
var form = document.getElementById('message-form');
var messageField = document.getElementById('message');
var messagesList = document.getElementById('messages');
var socketStatus = document.getElementById('status');
var closeBtn = document.getElementById('close');
View categories_2.json
"emoji": "📃",
"symbol": "",
"name": "All Categories"
"emoji": "🦍",
"symbol": "",
"name": "Animals & Pet Supplies"
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