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measure the memory usage by a function
def measure_memory_usage(target_call, target_args, log_filename=None, memory_denominator=1024.0**2, memory_usage_refresh=0.005):
measure the memory usage of a function call in python.\n
Note: one may have to restart python to get accurate results.\n
:param target_call: function to be tested\n
:param target_args: arguments of the function in a tuple\n
:param memory_usage_refresh: how frequent the memory is measured, default to 0.005 seconds\n
:return: max memory usage in kB (on Linux/Ubuntu 14.04), may depend on OS
import time
import threading
import psutil
import os
class StoppableThread(threading.Thread):
def __init__(self, target, args):
super(StoppableThread, self).__init__(target=target, args=args)
self.daemon = True
self.__monitor = threading.Event()
self.__has_shutdown = False
def run(self):
'''Overloads the'''
# Call the User's Startup functions
# use the run method from Superclass threading.Thread
super(StoppableThread, self).run()
# Clean up
# Flag to the outside world that the thread has exited
# AND that the cleanup is complete
self.__has_shutdown = True
def stop(self):
def isRunning(self):
return self.__monitor.isSet()
def isShutdown(self):
return self.__has_shutdown
def mainloop(self):
Expected to be overwritten in a subclass!!
Note that Stoppable while(1) is handled in the built in "run".
def startup(self):
'''Expected to be overwritten in a subclass!!'''
def cleanup(self):
'''Expected to be overwritten in a subclass!!'''
class MyLibrarySniffingClass(StoppableThread):
def __init__(self, target, args):
super(MyLibrarySniffingClass, self).__init__(target=target, args=args)
self.target_function = target
self.results = None
def startup(self):
# Overload the startup function
print "Calling the Target Library Function..."
def cleanup(self):
# Overload the cleanup function
print "Library Call Complete"
process = psutil.Process(os.getpid())
process = psutil.Process(os.getpid())
my_thread = MyLibrarySniffingClass(target_call, target_args)
start_mem = process.memory_info().rss
delta_mem = 0
max_memory = 0
current_mem = process.memory_info().rss
delta_mem = current_mem - start_mem
if delta_mem > max_memory:
max_memory = delta_mem
# print "Max memory usage is %f" % max_memory
# Check to see if the library call is complete
if my_thread.isShutdown():
print "Memory measurement complete!"
current_mem = process.memory_info().rss
delta_mem = current_mem - start_mem
if delta_mem > max_memory:
max_memory = delta_mem
max_memory /= memory_denominator
if log_filename is not None:
with open(log_filename, "a") as f:
tmp_str = str(max_memory) + ","
print "MAX Memory Usage in MB: %f" % max_memory
return max_memory
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