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(def first (fn [first]
(fn [second] first)))
(def second (fn [first]
(fn [second] second)))
(def make-pair (fn [first] (fn [second] (fn [func] ((func first) second)))))
(def TRUE first)
(def FALSE second)
(def COND (fn [exp1]
(fn [exp2]
(fn [c]
((c exp1) exp2)))))
(def NOT (fn [c]
(def AND (fn [exp1]
(fn [exp2]
(((COND exp2) FALSE) exp1))))
(def OR (fn [exp1]
(fn [exp2]
(((COND TRUE) exp2) exp1))))
(def zero identity)
(def succ (fn [n]
(fn [s] ((s FALSE) n))))
(def pred (fn [n]
(n second)))
(def iszero (fn [n]
(n first)))
(def pred (fn [n]
(((iszero n) n) (n second))))
(def one (succ zero))
(def two (succ one))
(def three (succ two))
(def two (pred three))
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