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Last active November 8, 2020 14:59
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Import GTFS data to MongoDB
mongoimport --db <dbname> --collection agencies --type csv --headerline --file agency.txt
mongoimport --db <dbname> --collection calendardates --type csv --headerline --file calendar_dates.txt
mongoimport --db <dbname> --collection calendars --type csv --headerline --file calendar.txt
mongoimport --db <dbname> --collection routes --type csv --headerline --file routes.txt
mongoimport --db <dbname> --collection stoptimes --type csv --headerline --file stop_times.txt
mongoimport --db <dbname> --collection stops --type csv --headerline --file stops.txt
mongoimport --db <dbname> --collection trips --type csv --headerline --file trips.txt
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  • to be entered in shell (assuming you have mongodb installed and your PATH setup correctly)
  • I only did this for a subset of the GTFS files because these are the only ones I needed - you can easily add the rest of the files the same way
  • I pluralized the collection names because that's how I needed them for my ORM

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