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Last active Jul 17, 2017
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rc file for cVim
set nosmoothscroll
set noautofocus
set nohud
set nodimhintcharacters
set typelinkhints
set noinsertmappings
set cncpcompletion
map <C-d> scrollPageDown
map <C-u> scrollPageUp
map <C-f> scrollFullPageDown
map <C-b> scrollFullPageUp
map <A-h> previousTab
map <A-l> nextTab
map w createHintWindow
map W :new<Space>
map q closeTab
map u lastClosedTab
map x createHoverHint
map X createUnhoverHint
imap <C-a> beginningOfLine
imap <C-h> deleteChar
imap <C-k> deleteToEnd
imap <C-u> deleteToBeginning
imap <A-a> selectAll
let vimcommand = "emacsclient -c"
let hintcharacters = "asdfghjkl"
let nextmatchpattern="\s*下一页|下一张|下一篇|下页|后页\s*,^\b(N|n)ext\b,\\bnext\\b,^>$,^(>>|»)$,^(>|»),(>|»)$,\\bmore\\b"
let previousmatchpattern="\s*上一页|上一张|上一篇|上页|前页\s*,^\b(p|P)rev|(p|P)revious\b,\\bprev|previous\\b,^<$,^(<<|«)$,^(<|«),(<|«)$"
let searchengine arch = ""
let completionengines = ["google", "wikipedia", "arch"]
let mapleader = " "
map <Leader><Tab> lastUsedTab
map <Leader>bb :buffer<Space>
map <Leader>e createEditHint
map <Leader>ta :tabattach<Space>
map <Leader>td :tabdetach<CR>
map <Leader>tr :restore<Space>
map <Leader>oc :call orgCapture<CR>
orgCapture -> {{
location.href = 'org-protocol://capture?' +
'url=' + encodeURIComponent(location.href) + '&' +
'title=' + encodeURIComponent(document.title.replace(/\|/g, '-')) + '&' +
'body=' + encodeURIComponent(window.getSelection())
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