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practicing mindfulness

David Ernst dsernst

practicing mindfulness
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dsernst / typecheck.js
Last active Feb 9, 2020
Run typescript compiler in pre-commit hook
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// Run this script to check our files for type errors
// using our existing tsconfig.json settings
// Usage: node typecheck.js
const fs = require('fs')
const stripJsonComments = require('strip-json-comments')
const tsConfig = JSON.parse(stripJsonComments(fs.readFileSync('./tsconfig.json', 'utf8')))
const { exec } = require('child_process')
dsernst /
Last active Jul 28, 2017

Liquid — Real Political Representation  

Reclaim your voice in government.  
Hold politicians accountable.  
Remove corruption.  

What is Approval Voting?

This is how we do it now:

Plurality voting as Radio box example

This is how we could be doing it:

dsernst / get-city-by-zip.js
Created Apr 11, 2017
Translate zip codes into city + state
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function getCityByZip(zip) {
.then(response => response.json())
.then(response => response.results[0].formatted_address)

Goal: An algorithm to calculate an elected legislator's "Representation Score".

Legislative agenda

We have a set of legislative bills, uniquely identified with keys like "2016-11-01-160553" or "2017-03-07-170089", that are the agenda items of a jurisdiction's legislature.

The set grows by 40 bills per week on average. As of 2017-03-12, it has 602 elements.

Each bill has a 1-week window in which it can be voted upon by the citizens in the jurisdiction via the Liquid platform.

Voter registration

dsernst / Secure Internet
Last active Oct 11, 2018
Secure internet voting
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Proof-of-Vote: A Simple Cryptosystem for Secure Internet Voting

by David Ernst,

A method to democratically vote online, that provably ensures to the individual voter that their vote was cast and counted correctly, without tampering, while still protecting their vote privacy.

Note: This is designed for our issue-based liquid democracy platform, not traditional elections.


dsernst /
Created Sep 13, 2016
How to arrange a complex linked list? For visualizing Liquid Democracy

How to arrange a complex linked list?

Given a singly linked list like this:

    uid: 'a',
    full_name: 'Angela Augustine',
    next: 'c',
dsernst / bmndr-wiki_spam.txt
Created Feb 4, 2016
All the changes made to
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2 February 2016
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dsernst /
Last active Feb 20, 2021
Compare `git add .` vs `git add -A`

git add . vs git add -A

Both of these will stage all files, including new files (which git commit -a misses) and deleted files.

The difference is that git add -A also stages files in higher directories that still belong to the same git repository. Here's an example: