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Download binary config file from Ruckus ZoneDirector
# Download the binary config file from a Ruckus ZoneDirector.
# Tested with 9.8.2 on a ZD5000. May well need to be adjusted for other
# versions.
COOKIES=cookies.txt # will be overwritten if it exists
CURL="curl -sS -c $COOKIES --cacert /path/to/cacert.pem"
# add -v for debugging
TIME=`date +%m%d%y_%H_%M`
$CURL -o /dev/null -d username=$USERNAME -d password=$PASSWORD -d ok=Log\ In \
$ZDURL/admin/login.jsp && \
sleep 3 && \
$CURL -o /dev/null -b $COOKIES $ZDURL/admin/login.jsp && \
$CURL -OJ -b $COOKIES $ZDURL/admin/_savebackup.jsp\?time=$TIME
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