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<!-- WCS main page -->
<!-- GGTracker stuff starts here -->
<div id="match" ng-controller="MatchController">
<div class="djcloak match-wrapper top">
<div class="video-wrapper">
<div id="ytplayer"></div>
<%= render('armychart') %>
<%= render('armydetails') %>
<%= javascript_include_tag "ytglue" %>
<!-- GGTracker stuff ends here -->
<!-- _armychart -->
<span class="title lefty" style="font-size:12px">ARMY STRENGTH, MINERALS + GAS</span>
<armychart id="armychart" data-width="897px" data-height="150" data-data="armies_and_idents" data-frame="current_frame" data-initial-frame="0" data-chart="armychart" data-armies="armies" data-match="match" data-timebarwidth="3" data-current-time="current_time" style="background: #dbdee3">
<!-- ----------- -->
<!-- _armydetails -->
<span class="title lefty armycomp" style="font-size:12px">ARMY COMPOSITION AND RESOURCE VALUE</span>
<div class="teams">
<% for team in [1,2] do %>
<div class="team team<%= team %>">
<army data-entity="match.entity_team(<%= team %>)" data-frame="current_frame" data-match="match"></army>
<div class="livestats">
<span>INCOME m: {{ match.teams[<%= team %>].elem('MineralsCollectionRate', current_frame) }} g: {{ match.teams[<%= team %>].elem('VespeneCollectionRate', current_frame) }} w: {{ match.teams[<%= team %>].elem('WorkersActiveCount', current_frame) }}</span><br>
<span>TOTAL RESOURCES LOST: {{ match.teams[<%= team %>].elem('Lost', current_frame) }} </span>
<% end %>
<div class="ggclear"></div>
</div> <!-- teams -->
<!-- ----------- -->
<!-- army directive's template -->
<div class="army grp-entity{{ entity.index }}">
<div class="entity">
<div class="name"><span class="flag" style="background-color: #{{ entity.color }};"></span>{{ }}</div>
<ul class="stats">
<li class="minerals" title="Mineral value of army">
<div class="icon sc2-mineral-16"></div><span class="value">{{ army.minerals }}</span>
<li class="gas" title="Gas value of army">
<div class="icon sc2-gas-16"></div><span class="value">{{ army.gas }}</span>
<li class="supply" title="Supply used by army">
<div class="icon sc2-supply-16"></div><span class="value">{{ }}</span>
<div class="ggclear"></div>
<div class="units" style="border-color: #{{ entity.color }};">
<div class="unit" ng-class="{inactive: count == 0}" ng-repeat="(unit, count) in army.units">
<div class="unit-mpq-32 unit-mpq-32-{{ unit }}"></div>
<span class="count">{{ count }}</span>
<!-- ------------- -->
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